Quotes, Sayings and Phrases for Valentine's Day

Impress Your Valentine With a Creative, Custom Message and Gift

Valentine's Day is universally known as the one day of the year that's special for everyone who is in love. Lovers typically send each other a variety of Valentine greetings, messages and sayings that describe how much they love, how deeply they love, how long they will love, what would happen if love was lost, and so on.  Traditionally these Valentine messages of love have taken the form of the usual greetings on a card inscribed with a bit of canned, generic verse that a lover chooses to express his or her sentiment, or at least get as close as possible to it.

In this modern age, however, there is no reason not to make your feelings known exactly. There are many wonderful books full of love poetry, quotations, and phrases that can express just how you feel about that special person on the most special day of the year for lovers. Another approach is to use quotes from your sweetheart's favorite song, movie, or novel for your message of love. You can also use your own words, or intermingle them with sayings and quotes from the sources mentioned above in a one of a kind, creative way. Once you've decided on the Valentine greetings, messages in any form or by any method of delivery are limited pretty much only by your imagination, and maybe your wallet or credit card limit.

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Valentine Greetings: Where to Put Your Sayings, Quotes and Phrases

Valentine Messages Can Be Delivered Many Different Ways

Once you have chosen or created the message you want to convey, the easiest way to get it across is with a free electronic card. By now everyone who uses a computer has gotten or sent one of these, but for those who aren't aware, there are free sites where you can choose an e-card, write your special message on it, preview it, and send it off through the Internet to the one you love. You can also pay for a premium e-card with the same features, but with better art and graphics. You can imagine that for those special Valentine greetings, messages are available in all kinds of electronic form, with sound, animation and special effects galore.

You can, if you are blessed with the ability, make your own actual card for your Valentine with a greeting card program - again, many of the simpler ones are free. You can combine clip art or your own artwork or photographs with your words of love, arrange it all just right, print it on a blank card, and mail it off. There's nothing quite like getting a real card in the mail, especially a personalized and custom-made card.

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You might choose to find someone, a friend or a paid service, that can write your chosen phrases on a piece of custom, special paper in calligraphy, or choose from a variety of calligraphy sets and do it yourself. Then you sign your name after the message and put the product in a beautiful frame for your love. You can also frame a photograph that has the poem or phrase written on it, either by a calligrapher or in your own very legible but loving hand. Any way it's done, such a framed message makes a wonderful gift.

If your chosen saying is short enough, you could have it inscribed on a cake or a large custom cookie for the special day. Some candy makers will also put a message on one of their custom products. A gift that's sweet and consumable is one that some prefer - only you know what your lover wants. You can be sure that with edible Valentine greetings, messages are being received in the heart, mind and body.

A message of romance for Valentine's day can be applied to just about any article of clothing, from a t-shirt to a hat, and the same can be done for tote-bags, coffee mugs, notepads, refrigerator magnets, and bumper stickers. Online services now let you put the words of your choice on just about anything, make it for you, and send it to the loved one just in time for the big day.

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Another development that the Internet and computers have made possible is the custom song. There are now many sites where you can submit your chosen lyrics, either your own or a famous love poem, and have it set to music in a style your lover enjoys, recorded, and sent either by email or on a CD to play over and over. Musical Valentine greetings - messages of your own set to sweet, romantic music - are the ultimate romantic gifts for the music lover.

However you decide to put across your lover's message on Valentine's Day, you'll be carrying on a long tradition. But maybe the recipient of your message will appreciate your creativity, cleverness, and devotion even more if you have it delivered in a non-traditional form.