It seems everyone is on a budget these days with Valentines Day just around the corner. If you are part of this every growing group and thinking about skipping the holiday of love then stop right there. There is no need not to do something special for your loved one just because you are on a budget.


There are many great Valentines date ideas that you can use that will not break the bank. Those high priced dinners out do not have to be the only way to spend the evening with the one that you love. You can easily find other alternatives that will leave you both enjoying your time together.


Valentines Date Ideas Number One


Going out to the movies can cost about $40 and that is just for the tickets. There are many great viewing options to be had in your own home. Whether you have a netflix membership or you can head to your corner Red Box, there are many ways to pick up a few movies to watch. The key to making this a special evening is to pick a theme for all of the movies. Trilogies work great for this. However, you can also choose a theme of westerns that can have you watching different movies.


Make a snack of popcorn with real butter on it. You can even go above this and make a snack that is based on the movie theme. For the westerns, a tex mex appetizer can hit the spot.


Valentines Date Ideas Number Two


Exploring your own city or town is something that most of us do not take the time to do. Many cities and towns offer free walking tours of the most popular areas and attractions. You can also pick up a low cost walking guide book to your city and do some exploring by yourselves. Pick up a coffee or perhaps a beer an out of the way pub as you wind your way around someone of the gems that you did not know where there.


Valentines Date Ideas Number Three


Take time to pamper each other. With the economy and budgets being what they are, the two of you have probably cut out the little things that you used to pamper yourself with. Massages are usually one of these areas that gets the ax when the budget gets tight. You can easily do a massage night. With some massage oils and either a book or two on some techniques or viewing a couple of online videos to get an idea of what you are doing, this is a treat that your loved one will really enjoy.


Valentines Day is not just about seeing who can spend the most money on the person that they love. That is what all of the commercials and jewelry companies want you to think. It is truly about taking the time to acknowledge how much this person means to you and spending time creating special memories with them with these great Valentines date ideas.