Would you like to know how to do flower arranging for a unique flower arrangement using Valentine’s day flowers?  You could always get flower arrangement ideas by checking out Valentines flowers from online florists such as Teleflora and FTD flowers.   But I’ll tell you the practical basics of flower arranging, using just 3 different valentines flowers.  The key is, when flower arranging, flowers need to be placed in varying heights and amounts based on their shape and size.  So I’ll tell you seasonal Valentines day flowers that you can choose from to substitute in, in case your love has a different preference in color for their flowers gift.Valentines Day flower arrangement ideas(54467)Credit: Amberdawn 2011

Start with 3 large, bold Valentines flowers like the pink and white Star Gazer Lilies.  Cut the stems so that these Valentines day flowers are about 5 inches taller than your vase when you’re flower arranging.  Other large, bold, star shaped flowers you could use to substitute for a unique flower arrangement include: Red or White Amaryllis, or the White Casa Blanca Lily. 

Teleflora has a flowers glossary that contains images of these flowers.  Browsing online florists for flower arrangement ideas will show you attractive arrangements that center the largest, boldest flowers to draw your eye to the middle of the arrangement.  For example, instead of lilies, for a really different looking flowers gift, use yellow trumpet shaped daffodils. 

valentines day flower arrangement ideasCredit: irargerich @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/lrargerich/2416473550/Use 2 stalks of dainty Valentines day flowers like the green Bells of Ireland for flower arranging.  Put them behind the lilies in the vase.  If these Valentines flowers jut up too tall, cut their stems.  The effect you want is for them to reach out about 5 to 7 inches taller than the lilies to give your flowers gift a dramatic effect.  If your Valentine loves green they’ll appreciate this unique flower arrangement. 

But if you want other flower arrangement ideas more personal to your Valentine, you can look for flower arrangement ideas with online florists.  FTD flowers has seasonal flower arrangements you can browse.  Or you could try other dainty little flowers in your arrangement such as the blue, star shaped Forget-Me-Nots.
valentines day flower arrangement ideas 1Credit: Howard O. Young @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/howardoyoung/4410696389/Finish your Valentines flowers gift with 4 medium sized blue Anemone.  Trim these Valentines day flowers so they are JUST shorter than the lilies.  They will go in front of them.  The result should be that your eye is drawn to the bold pink and white lilies.  The green flowers reaching out above them should look dramatic.  The anemones provide a nice base for the lilies, and balance the color palette with blue. 

Remember, if you want different flower arrangement ideas, you can check out online florists such as FTD flowers. Teleflora has a function where you can browse flowers by color.  But I can tell you that you can also substitute the little blue anemones with other colored anemones (red, pink, or white) as well as small curly Sweetpea (in white, pink, coral, or lavender) or star shaped Waxflower (in pink or white) when flower arranging.  If you wanted a fuller unique flower arrangement, add 2 of each flower, or 4 of each flower, or 6…just keep the proportions the same for the best result.  Good luck!