There are a ton of different options when it comes to finding Valentine’s Day gift baskets. Before you rush out and pick one out consider a few things and you will have a romantic gift that will make her smile. Remember that it isn’t how much you spend on the gift, but rather how much thought goes into it. Even when you choose a Valentine’s day gift basket the amount of thought that you put into it is important.

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets - The Options
When it comes to buying gift baskets in the store or online you have a few basic choices. In some cases you can dig a little deeper, but here are your basic options.

  • Candy. When it comes to a Valentine’s day gift basket, candy is definitely in. Most of the baskets you find will be based on candy. They might have a little something with them such as a stuffed animal or some silk flowers, but they are likely to include lots of chocolate and possibly a few other tasty candy options.
  • Cookies. Another common option is cookies. While this one isn’t as common as the big candy basket, it is still there.
  • Junk food. As companies seek to branch out a bit more options are becoming available. You can get a junk food variety now. This often includes small bags of chips and even meat snacks. You can find popcorn based gift baskets for the movie lover as well.
  • Wine. If you gal is a wine lover you may want to get them a gift basket with wine. There are some options that include other stuff and a single bottle of wine or you can go for a vineyard tour and try several bottles of wine in one basket.
  • Fruit. The only healthy edible Valentine’s day gift basket option is fruit and then in some cases your fruit comes with candy or fondue for a sweet treat.
  • Spa or Massage Kit. When it comes to buying gift baskets from a company there aren’t many options that aren’t based on food. There are two main options including a spa kit or massage kit.
  • Adult packages. There are also several adult options. Many of these include edible body frosting or paint, adult games, and other products of a personal nature. While these are great if the two of you have decided to get it for each other, this is not the way to go when you are choosing a romantic gift for her. She is likely to find it rather self centered and self serving.

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets - Make Your Own
When it comes to making gift baskets I am all for it. You have a lot more choices when it comes to putting together things that she will really like and you can make it into anything that you want. Plus it is easy to do. Here are some great ideas to get you started, but now is the time to really go crazy and make it perfect.

  • Choosing a box, basket, or tin that is a shape that can be used for storing something later is the best option. Then she will be able to use it after the gift is gone or put away.
  • For filling or lining you can use pretty tissue paper, wrapping paper, confetti, or even silk rose petals. Each of these can be found with really small price tags and is a great thing to put in the bottom of the gift basket.
  • Filling your gift basket can be a lot of fun. You can choose her favorite candies and pick out the perfect stuffed animal if you want. However, you can also buy other things she will like such as CD’s, tickets, gift cards, jewelry, gourmet coffee, and so on according to her tastes. These can be added in with the treats or you can center a whole gift basket around something she really likes!
  • Think outside of the norm. Many gift baskets for Valentine’s day are centered around chocolates, treats, or other “goodies”. However, you can think outside the norm. In fact, you can base a basket around her hobbies, the things she enjoys doing, or something that the two of you can do together (though not in the bedroom). This level of customization will be much more romantic then choosing a pre-made basket. Even if it doesn’t at first look like it!

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets - Things To Consider
Whether you are making a gift basket or choosing from the hundreds of options available commercially you will want to make sure that you are choosing things that she really likes. Here are the things you can consider to optimize something to her tastes.

  • Colors. Many Valentines Day gift baskets come in red and or pink. However, some are based on other colors or have other colors in them. If there is a color choice then pick the colors that are her favorite.
  • Stuffed animals. Choose a basket that has a stuffed animal she will really like.
  • Treats. Consider the treats that she will want. If she is on a diet or trying to get healthy choosing a fruit basket is likely to be a much better choice then the 100 pounds of candy. If she hates chocolate you will want to make sure you are buying a basket that doesn’t have chocolate in it.
  • Fragrances. While this doesn’t matter much if you are getting a food basket, if you are choosing a spa or massage basket you will want to make sure that you are choosing one that doesn’t have fragrances she will hate. Aim for her favorites!

Whether you choose to make your own gift basket or to buy one put a little thought into it. You want to make sure it is something that she will like and not something she ends up hating. By giving yourself plenty of time to choose the best option you will save yourself a lot of hard work. However, even at the last minute you can be successful. Make sure you shop around and find the perfect Valentine’s day gift basket.