So Christmas has been and gone and the next big gift event is upon us. February 14th is Valentines Day. Gift Baskets always make a popular choice of present for the one you love, so why not buy or make a Valentines Day Gift Basket?

Valentines Day Gift Baskets for Her:

Women just love to be pampered. This makes beauty and fragrance gift baskets a popular (and a successful) choice. But men, don't just pick up the first thing you see. Take a snoop in her medicine cabinet and see what kind of fragrance she wears. If you only see one perfume, it is probably her 'signature fragrance' and she possibly won't be happy wearing something different, so find a gift basket in her signature scent, with bubble baths, body lotions and - if they have them - scented candles. If there are plenty of different bottles of perfume on her shelf, try and identify the kind of scent it is. Is it fresh, woody, floral, oriental? Try and buy something similar to whatever her preference is. Don't be afraid to ask for help at the shop - most stores will be happy to help you out.

Beauty rules are the same – find out what brand of products she uses and aim for the top end (she'll love you for a Chanel one, less so for Walgreen Own Brand). If she's something of a beauty expert, go for luxe brands like Crème De La Mer, Estee Lauder or Shisheido. Aim for something that she would like, but can't always afford to buy and you won't go far wrong. If she likes organic and natural products, I can't recommend REN Skincare highly enough - their Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash is to die for, and has won countless beauty editor awards.

If she's a regular at a certain beauty counter, they probably have her details on file and will be able to help you find the right choices for her – don't be scared to ask.

Of course, flowers are always ideal for Valentines Day. But it's probably advisable to stick to red roses – anything less and you may be seen as cheap for not paying the hugely inflated prices of red roses through February. If money is tight, say it with a single red rose of the best quality you can afford. These Valentines flower gift baskets can be supplemented with a cute teddy, a voucher for a spa or a salon, a bottle of champagne or a box of candy.

If she has a sweet tooth, then a Valentines Day candy basket is a great idea. Many large stores will have these on sale, from retro children's candies or cookies, to designer chocolate truffles.

But my best advice for men when shopping for a Valentines Day Gift Basket for her – unless she's specifically asked for it – don't buy her lingerie. Chances are, you'll get her size wrong and choose a style she would never dream of wearing. If you insist – avoid red and think classy, not trashy.

Valentines Day Gift Baskets for Him:

Men are in my opinion, by far a lot more difficult to buy Valentine's Day gifts for than women. But, that's not to say they are impossible. A men's Valentines Day Gift Basket could be something bought from one of the many male skincare and beauty companies and include fragrance and skincare products. A shaving set is always good if your man is used to poor quality razors – it could be a revelation!

Of course, if you really want to win 'girlfriend/wife of the year', you need to tap into his hobby – sporting, surfing, music, home improvement, cars, cooking – and center your Valentines Day gift basket around that. A gourmet food basket and kitchen gadgets will be well received from a kitchen God (have your local gourmet deli make one up), and a board wax surf set for the beach bum will be great for sporty types. If you really struggle, buy one or two small items and then add vouchers for his favorite store, so he can buy what he pleases.

Many men are adrenaline junkies, and a 'gift experience' where he gets to drive a sportscar for a day or take a bungee jump will be something they will never forget. I've bought these for my husband a number of times and they seem to be a sure-fire hit every time.

If your man is in touch with his feminine side, why not flip the script and send him flowers? (But if he works in a macho environment, have them delivered to home, or he may never live it down).

Homemade Valentines Day Gift Baskets:

The best gift baskets are the ones that have some thought behind them. That's why a lot of the time, it's better to make your own Valentine's Day gift basket.

You could use any of the ideas above, and combine it with personal little trinkets – a framed photograph of you together, a book of love poems, a small scrapbook of ticket stubs of all the places you've been together. Just something special that makes it about you as a couple.

To make your own Valentines Day Gift Basket, you'll need a box, some padding to sit the items on (colored tissue paper will do it), cellophane (twice the size of the box) and gift ribbon and a gift card. Simply box up your items on top of the padding, so they look pretty and lay the cellophane underneath. Lift the cellophane from the corners and tie in the middle with a bow (you can secure with an elastic band and cover it with ribbon if it's easier). And voila! One home made Valentine's Gift Basket - done!

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