Valentines Day Gift Ideas – Tiffany Charms

Return to Tiffany heart tag charm

Valentines Day gift ideas that are unique, special, romantic and thoughtful are often difficult for many men that are not aware of America's House of Design and the premier jewelry designer known as Tiffany and Company. Any woman that receives Tiffany Charms in the little blue box will know that you thought of something uniquely special and you will be considered as very romantic when you give this gift of love.

Tiffany charms are available in many designs and styles and although some are quite expensive, there is a wide selection of choices at $100 or less. This is a sampling of some beautiful Tiffany charms that symbolize Valentines Day with hearts, kisses and love that you could consider as a Valentine Day gift idea for your special someone.

Tiffany Charms $100 or less

Tiffany Locks Heart Charm is a small and delicately beautiful sterling silver highly polished heart shape with a center opening in the form of a keyhole. The top of this charm contains a half circle that resembles the top of a master lock and is actually how the charm hangs onto a necklace. If your sweetheart has the key to your heart, this locks heart charm will show her just how you feel.

Tiffany lock heart charm

Tiffany Notes 'I Love You' Tag Charm is a sterling silver heart shaped charm with the words I Love You beautifully engraved in elegant Tiffany style. This charm hangs easily on any necklace by simply sliding onto it via the ring to remind your sweetheart every day how much she means to you.

Crown of Hearts Charm is a sterling silver charm with six individual heart shapes attached to form a circle and the open center design shows a star that would lay flat against the chest when worn on a necklace. Hearts are a classic symbol of love on Valentines Day and this charm would make a great gift for any woman.

Tiffany crown of hearts charm

Tiffany Loving Heart Charm is a sterling silver open design heart shape that is slightly off center. The bottom of the heart shows an X shape which universally represents kisses. This charm is designed to slide easily onto any rounded necklace such as a snake chain, link chain or small beaded chain and would probably be worn every day as a reminder of your loving Valentines Day gift idea.

Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Charm is another sterling silver charm with a highly polished heart shape with the popular traditional 'Return to Tiffany' which was first used in 1969. The back of this charm is smooth and highly polished making it a great choice for personalized engraving for a Valentines Day gift idea.

Return to Tiffany heart tag charm

* Tiffany and company offers machine engraving at a cost of $11 per item or custom hand engraving at a cost of $30 per item and typically only three letters per charm will fit. Other engraving such as a full name or message could be done by a local engraving company.

Kiss Disc Charm is a perfectly round disc with the word 'kiss' inscribed by Tiffany's premier designer Paloma Picassa in her handwriting. This delicate and feminine charm would delight anyone that loves sterling silver or jewelry. As always, all Tiffany jewelry arrives in the iconic little blue box as an additional keepsake.

Tiffany kiss charm

Love Disc Charm is a sterling silver round disc shaped charm with the word 'love' inscribed by Paloma Picassa in her handwriting. A small and delicate charm intended to slide easily on any Tiffany or other necklace.

Love Charm is a sterling silver vertically hanging word Love with the L in love being used to hold the rest of the letters in the word love. The letters are bold in design and hang flat on the chest by any simple chain.

Tiffany love charm

These are the most popular of the Tiffany charms that cost $100 or less and make them a wise choice for a Valentines Day Gift Idea that any woman would love to receive, wear daily as well as owning a timeless piece of jewelry that will become an heirloom piece to hand down to future generations.

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