Valentines day can be a stressful time for many guys. Guys that are not romantic will struggle with what to purchase their loved one for Valentines Day. Guys that are on a very small budget will struggle even more. Here are some gifts you can buy for Valentines day that will not break your budget or cause havoc from a woman who says you are not romantic.

Note In A Bottle

Write out a love letter, roll it up and tie it with some fancy ribbon and stuff it inside a bottle. Women tend to love this romantic idea and it is a cheap way for you to give a gift from the bottom of your heart. Even if it is not truly from the bottom of your heart it may at least keep her from putting you in the doghouse.


The Note In A Bottle idea works better if used in combination with a romantic dinner. You can either cook it yourself or save some hassle and go out to eat at a restaurant.


Most women love jewelry. Buy her a bracelet, ring, necklace, or earrings that you think she might like that is also within your budget.

If after you have honestly tried your best to be romantic and buy her a gift that is with in your budget then wait and see her reaction. If she is grateful, understands your budget, and is still in love with you then keep her. However if her reaction is one of smirking, yelling, mocking you, and taunting you in front of your family then it is type to step up you game.

Game Steppers For When The Woman Is No Longer Civilized To You

ThChuck E Cheese Mascote day after Valentines if you are still in the dog house because your woman believes in material items and not true love then give a game stepper.

Have some pictures printed up of women you use to date, wrap them up and give them to her.

Take her to McDonald's and buy her a "Happy Meal". If she complains then tell her to quit acting like a child.

Chuck E Cheese

The woman is already mad at you so take her to Chuck E Cheese. You being nagged at no matter what you do so you might as well give her a reason to nag.

If you truly try your best at Valentines Day and your woman nags at you for being cheap, unloving etc..then it is time to give her a reason to be pissed off at you.

Valentines Day is for lovers and is she is going to be sniveling like a kid then she can go to her room. True Love is not based on the size of the "Rock" you put on her finger or around her neck. You can always celebrate the next Valentines Day with a new lover!