•           First, flowers are almost always appreciated. Roses are the most traditional Valentine’s Day flower, and you can choose between a dozen or a single rose - each tend to be almost equally romantic.

            •           Chocolates usually go hand in hand with roses, and again there are endless options when it comes to chocolate. You could pick up a relatively inexpensive heart-shaped box of chocolates or you could find a nicer box from a local chocolate store.

            •           Jewelry is the third piece of the Valentine’s Day holy trinity of traditional gifts. While the large selection may be intimidating, choosing jewelry is actually easier than you might think as long as you keep a few things in mind. First, you don’t need to go for the bigger flashier pieces, and it’s probably better if you don’t. Understated, classy pieces are usually more wearable and timeless. Pay attention to the types of jewelry that your girlfriend wears and get a taste for her style, then go from there.

            •           In the line of jewelry, Valentine’s Day rings are a traditional gift, but if you get her a ring and you aren’t planning on proposing, be sure not to go for diamonds or similar-looking clear stones. Ruby rings make good Valentine’s Day jewelry presents since the color is appropriate and the stone is a traditional Valentine’s Day gift.

            •           Necklaces are another traditionally appreciated Valentine’s Day jewelry gift. You can look for necklaces with precious stone pendants, with either ruby’s or garnets for the traditional red color or another stone that your girlfriend likes. If you are spending on a tighter budget though, you can find a heart pendant made from gold or silver that will be just as nice.

            •           If you are looking for something in the way of jewelry that is a little less traditional, order a unique piece from a romantic location, such as Alaska or Hawaii. For instance, gold nugget necklaces from Alaska are unique, romantic and different than the traditional ruby and heart pieces of jewelry so it will be less expected.


Whatever you are planning to get, keep your girlfriend, her tastes and your relationship in mind when you are shopping.