If you are like most men Valentines Day can be a double edged sword. Finding the right Valentines Day gift can be difficult especially after you and your girlfriend, wife, or partner have experienced a handful of holidays together. One great Valentines Day idea is to buck the trend of getting the traditional gift for your loved one and buy an experience the two of you can share instead.

Most people love going ons – the vacation connotations of a cruise are impossible to overlook however no matter who you are getting away for a cruise can be challenging as two people have to be able to clear up their schedules for a lengthy time away from everything.

A dinner cruise however captures the romance of taking a cruise vacation but packs it into a short duration. Instead of voyaging for a week you can book a romantic dinner cruise on Valentines Day for your wife and easily be able to slip away for three to four hours. Much like going on a romantic dinner out on the town the cruise will offer the same benefits as well as the atmosphere required for perfect after dinner drinks and dancing.

You may still want to buy your loved one a Valentines Day gift but on this trip you may want to bring your camera in addition to you appetite. Dinner cruises rarely venture far from port however they do tend to circle bay front and ocean locations that most people don' normally get to see. The views of your city from the water can be beautiful and the memories of this type of an event can last for a lifetime.

Where To Find A Valentines Day Dinner Cruise

Most major sea front cities have local cruise ships dedicated to dinner cruises, sightseeing tours, and other short day trips. If you live in a city with a major port you should check with your local port authority for possibilities. In San Diego specifically Hornblower Cruises are popular for their dinner cruises which are a normal even throughout the year. Your local port may have a competitor offering similar services or you may find that local yacht clubs may have more information for private dinner cruises by smaller less well known ships.

If you do not live in a port city you may find that nearby river ports can offer many of the same luxurious options that ocean ships can offer. A Valentines Day dinner river cruise may even be more memorable because inland boating is less common. Again most major cities will be the best places to look for cruise ships offering local holiday events and attractions.

Other Benefits Of Spending Valentines Day On A Cruise Ship

Of course the benefits of taking your girlfriend out on a dinner cruise for Valentines Day are not as simple as just finding a unique Valentines Day idea that combines dinner with the feeling of a vacation, dinner cruises are geared more specifically to romance than many restaurants are. Of course Valentines day will bring out the romance in even the most casual of restaurants they will be even more impressive on bay ships and river boats.

Usually there are cocktails and dancing available on the ships before dinner as well as a show depending on the cruise you book. After dinner there is sightseeing and more dancing and if your boat goes out on the open waters you may find that the romantic setting perfect for any kind of proposal you may have.

Unlike going to a traditional restaurant for dinner you are unlikely to have trouble getting a seat and you will be less likely to feel cramped for space. Many times Valentines Days in restaurants can feel overly crowed, which can contribute to a poor experience. However, when on a dinner cruise this Valentines day you will more likely than not have plenty of space and be free to slowly progress throughout your evening without feeling rushed.

Cost Of Valentines Day Cruises

Going on a Valentines Day cruise with your partner or loved one can be an excellent holiday idea for many reasons including simplicity, romance, and experience. Many people have never gone on a dinner cruise before and for this reason it can be a great way to create lasting and unique memories of time spent with your loved one. The costs will almost always be a bit higher then your ordinary dinner reservations but the experience is often unmatched and if you are good shopper you may be able to find good cruise deals anyway.

A quality dinner cruise for Valentines Day will generally cost in the vicinity of fifty to two hundred dollars depending widely upon the duration of the cruise, the service aboard the cruise, your seating location on deck, and the quality of the dinner. There will of course be higher priced cruises for higher end meals and lower priced cruises for more conventional cuisine. If the duration is shorter and there is less entertainment on board you may be able to find a less expensive cruise as well.

No matter the cost however the point of taking a day cruise for Valentines Day has everything to do with the experience over the food. Gifts can come and go sometimes forgotten but experiences and memories last a lifetime. Many people going on Valentines Day cruises either for a few hours, one full day, or for multiple days end up buying presents for each other but when asked about them years later the gifts are almost always secondary to the memories of the trip.

And for those lucky few in this stage of their lives a proposal on a Valentines Day cruise can make for a special bang that will last a lifetime. If you do plan on asking for your girlfriends hand in marriage on a cruise make sure to warn the wait staff and the entertainment on board ahead of time. They can help make this special moment even more magical or can at least help out with the logistics of the proposal. This is sure to be an experience your girlfriend or partner will never forget.