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The Problem?

As I write this article February is fast approaching  You know what that means?  Ground Hogs Day is almost here?  Nope.  Valentine’s Day is near?  That is the problem that most guys face each year around this time.  Even if it not even close, we guys have to start to think about things earlier to have great plans.  It is not really Valentine’s Day that is the problem; it is what to do for that special woman in our lives that is the problem. 

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John Gray tells us Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.  Not literally, but I have seen a few people walking the streets of the city that look they could be, but I digress.  John Gray is saying in his fabulous book that Men and Women think about things differently.   


When I was a kid and we had the Valentine’s Day party at school, we had to decorate the little boxes.  The girls did theirs real fancy with aluminum, hearts, and lace.  The boys made race cars and frogs on theirs.  The little girls would whisper and wonder if the cute boy was going to give them a nice Valentine’s day card with those words of love “Will you Be Mine” on it or just the one that says “You Rock.”   The boys had the list of kids in the class and usually put it off until the last night before the party and then had to have their mother’s fill out the cards while they were outside playing basketball or something.  This would totally throw the little girls expectations out the window if they knew it was not the boys but their mother’s doing the card picking. 


Boys and Girls just looked at the Valentine’s Day different.  The Men and women those little boys and girls grew up to be did not change much.  A lot of men think of Valentine’s Day as a day to spend money on things that will not last very long:  Chocolate Candy, Heart Shaped boxes, cards, and red roses just to name a few.  However, when we find that special woman things start to change a little.  I do not know why they do.  Could it be she has some special power over us?  Could it be that we are becoming more in touch with our feminine side?  Could it be we think we might have a better chance of having sex if we by the red roses versus the blue roses or yellow roses.  Or are we in love and we thinking Venus is not so bad of a place to live?  I am not for sure.  I just know I am in love with my wife and would do whatever I could to make her happy.  I think Men get a bad rap sometimes because we may not say “I love you” enough or might not show love as often as we should.  But Valentine’s Day gives us the opportunity to shine in the eyes of that special lady and we don’t have to look so whipped because all of our male buddies are doing the same thing.  I personally do not see anything wrong with being whipped and all my friends know that I am, but I understand that some men have issues with this. Happy Valentine's DayCredit:


10 Tips for a Better Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day gives us men the opportunity to show the special women in our lives how much we love them.  It might not mean that much to us but it means everything to them.

  1. Go out and buy that dozen of red roses that you were planning on buying.  However, put one white rose in there for 13 roses total.  Do not tell her why you added the white rose.  Even if she ask, play coy and tell her she will just have to figure it out.  One thing a white rose does is symbolizes secrecy.  It also represents purity, charm, innocence, and happy love.  She will go look up what the white rose means and will come back to you and give you a hug, kiss, and maybe more.  The main thing it does it adds a little intrigue to the typical dozen of red roses and lets her know that you cared enough to do a little more than most guys will do on this February 14th.


  1. You could take your beautiful wife or girlfriend out to a nice place to eat.  That is what most guys do, but you are not most guys, at least not to your special lady.  Stay home and make her the meal.  It will mean so much more to her.  Research what she likes to eat.  If you have been together for sometime, you should already know this.  The right foods and the right atmosphere make the night just right.  Have red candles on the table, with a white table cloth.  If you did tip number one, ask her to sit the roses on the table as the centerpiece.  Have finger foods that you can feed to her and she will probably reciprocate.  Leave a small note next to her plate thanking her for having dinner with you.  Have the meal with her, but pay attention more to her than to the food.  Have a dessert.  You know your woman’s likes.  Make it nice.  Think about everything from her perspective instead of your perspective, which is most likely in the bedroom.  This might happen but don’t think like that for the planning stages. 


  1. If you have kids together or kids that belong to each of you separately, get them involved and allow them to take part in the romantic dinner.  Your children are very special and they are part of the love you have together.  They need to see how a lady is to be treated.  The sons should know how to grow up and respect women and treat them right.  The daughters should learn how a “real man” should treat a lady, so they can get rid of the idiots quickly.  Let the children make cards for their mother. 


  1. Tell them you love them.  This should be a given but so many guys have a hard time with this simple three word phrase.  You should be doing this everyday and your special woman may be used to you not saying it, but you should be saying it on Valentine’s Day.  If you do not usually say it, then it will surprise her and make her feel special all day. Saying this is free, so just do it.


  1. Find a special card.  One that conveys your true sentiment, but do not leave it totally up to the card manufacturer.  They might know love poems or love quotes, but they do not know your special lady.  Write your own quote about love.  Write you own love poem.  Tell her how much she means to you.  If you are married, thank her, and tell her how perfect she is for you.  Mean it though.  Write from your heart.


  1. Cuddle.  Women like this for some reason.  I think it is because when they feel closeness of proximity, they feel closeness of emotions.  Do not do the stuff you will do on this day with only sex on your mind.  Cuddle and it may turn sexual, but cuddle just to allow her to feel your closeness.  Just a side question I may have and I need to ask my wife.  Why are women’s feet, hands, nose, and butts always cold?  I wonder if that is another reason women like to cuddle.  Just an added piece of humor here, but I do wonder about it.


  1. Call her on Valentine’s Day.  Even if you are living together.  Tell her you just called to say “I love you.”  It lets her know that even when you are not with her you are still thinking about her.  You could do a text or a facebook message, but it does not mean as much as hearing those words.


  1. Speaking of Facebook and other social Networks.  Announce to the world your love for your special lady.  Tell everyone else how much she means to you.  Announce to all the other guys they can stop looking for the perfect woman because you already have her.  It is okay to be corny.  It’s Valentine’s Day.


  1. Be patient.  If things are meant to be they will happen.  Love is not sex.  If the time is not right, Valentine’s Day does not make it more right.  Valentine’s Day is February 14th and just one of 365 days of the year and hopefully one of many of the rest of your lives together.  Do not pressure her for sex.  Let her be the pursuer of this nature.  If she is ready, she will express it, if she is not support her decision and just let her know you love her. 


  1. This should be the number one tip, but I put it last because I want you to remember this one above all the others (using the psychological principle of recency effect here).  Do not let Valentine’s Day be the only day you do this stuff.  Make her feel special and loved everyday.  Do things to show her you love her throughout the year.  My wife and I had our first date on April 3rd.  The third of every month I bring her at least one rose, sometimes a dozen, home.  I do this to let her know I remember how thankful I was that she accepted my invitation to a date and that I love her.  I proposed to her on April 21st (another year, ha ha) and she accepted it.  I write her a message every month on the 21st to let her know I am thankful she said yes that day.  We got married on October 6th.  On that day I choose to put on facebook how much I love her and that this is the monthly anniversary.  I do other things throughout the month, but the key is to find out what you can do to show the love for your special woman. 


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It goes without saying you have to find something tailored to your special woman.  I have giving some very good tips, which I use, and will use.  Find what she likes and make her feel special all the time.  Remember everyday should be Valentine’s Day, if you really are in love and love your special lady.


Relationships are very important to leading a Level 10 Life.  Make today and everyday a Great day.  Have a Happy Valentine’s Day. 

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