Valentines day is the day of romance, the day you show your special lady how much she means to you. Plan to do something special – and remember, special doesn't have to mean expensive.



Flowers: the tried and true Valentines Day staple for ladies. When you think of Valentines Day and girlfriends, you automatically think of flowers and love. What you'll want to keep in mind is that a single rose can thoughtfully presented mean every bit as much to a girl as a full bouquet. Fit the gift to your girl and your pocket book. If she has a green thumb you might also consider giving her a flowering plant – something that will grow and stay with her more than just a few days.


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Valentines Serenade

Would you like to get serious romantic points? Hire a barbershop quartet to deliver a singing valentine. My husband sent a quartet to serenade me 15 years ago and I still remember it as the best Valentines Day of our marriage. (And we've been married over 20 years.) Prices vary, but typically run from $30-$50 dollars. If you want to go this route be sure to plan ahead; most quartets book up before the end of January. 

Romantic Dinner

dinnerCredit:! This doesn't have to break the bank. If you want to take her someplace special for dinner go ahead (be sure to make reservations), but you don't have to go out. Why not make a nice dinner for her at home? – bring out the candles and some nice background music, and put out a nice tablecloth. Or if you live in a warm climate you could even pack a picnic dinner and go to a park.


Cuff BraceletCredit: women appreciate the gift of jewelry. The key is to tie it to her style. Try something as simple as a gold or silver cuff bracelet. Or a set of silver earrings that will dangle from her lobes.  She'll love them.  If you're thinking of the ultimate commitment you'll probably want to consider either a white gold or rose engagement ring -- the two colors in greatest demand from modern brides.


Claddagh Ring

If you've been dating a while but aren't ready for the final plung yet, a claddagh ring is a great valentines idea for your girlfriend. When you present the claddagh take a moment to explain how claddagh rings work; then place the ring on her right hand with the heart turned in.

Here is the guide to how claddagh rings are worn:

  • Right hand, heart facing outwards = unattached and available.

  • Right hand, heart facing inside = single but in a relationship.

  • Left hand, heart facing out = engaged to be married

  • Left hand, heart facing in = married


If you remember nothing else remember this: your girlfriend wants to know you care.  Let her know with something as simple as a single rose and a sweet card, or as fancy as a big night out and jewelry -- just make sure you remember to tell her you're glad she's spending Valentines Day with you.