Inflatables for Valentine's Day Are Just Too Sweet to Pass Up!

People love to decorate their homes for Christmas, and the fun can continue into the winter with Valentine’s Day inflatables and outdoor yard decorations.  For those who live in the colder climates, having something other than snow outside our homes will make the winter seem less dreary. 

Valentine’s Day Inflatables

Valentine's Day Inflatable yard decorationCredit:’s Day inflatables are easy to set up, like the one pictured above, and all whichever one you buy, the instructions are included.  These whimsical inflatables light up and self inflate in seconds, and they include the inflator motor, ground stakes and tethers for easy assembly.   


This Puppy Love inflatable is four feet tall and shows how much love you have!

For your convenience, they deflate easily and can be stored anywhere.  In fact, they can be folded up like a piece of paper. These decorations are also weather resistant, so they should not be affected by nature’s elements.  With these inflatables, you can show everyone just how much you love the holiday!


This 6 foot long inflatable will bring a lot of color to your lawn!

Besides Valentine’s Day inflatables, there are other outdoor yard decorations that will make your home more festive during this winter holiday.

Valentine’s Day Lights

Valentine's Day Heart Light DeocrationsCredit:

This Valentine’s Day shimmering heart window decoration is a silver holographic frame layered over a shimmering red background.   It comes with 10 mini lights and suctions cups to hold it in place in your window.  No assembly is required for this one sided decoration.



This set of 20 red heart shaped mini lights will look festive in your home.


Valentine's Day Outdoor LightsCredit:

These festive red heart shaped lights are eight foot long.  They can be put in windows or outdoors on bushes.  These lights are a festive outdoor decoration for the holiday of love.


Pink Valentine's Day String of Outdoor LightsCredit:

If you want a lighter color, you can buy stings of pink lights to place outdoors for Valentine’s Day decorations. This item has 36 feet of string with 70 lights.  It will not matter if one bulb goes out, the rest will remain lit.  No worries about finding the one light that does not work!

Valentine’s Day Wreath

Valentine's Day WreathCredit:

Another festive Valentine’s Day outdoor decoration is a beautiful red wreath.  Greet the guests who knock on your door with this lovely heart of flowers.

M&Ms Valentine's Day FlagCredit:'s Day garden flagCredit:

Valentine’s Day Flags

For many people, flags are a popular outdoor yard decoration all year round.  They are made of weather resistant materials so they can handle the elements no matter what climate they are hanged. There are many different flags for this holiday from which to choose.  

Garden size flags fit onto bishop hooks and measure 12.5 inches by 18 inches.  

Larger flags that go onto flagpoles also brighten up a home as an outdoor Valentine’s Day decoration.  They typically measure about 40 inches high and 28 inches wide.  You can choose a whimsical one like the M&M’s, or a more conventional one that has hearts or cupid as the motif.

Valentine’s Day Mailbox Wraps

Valentines Day magnetic mailbox wrap decorationCredit:

If you have a plain humdrum looking mailbox, now you can decorate it for Valentine’s Day with a magnetic mailbox wrap.  Two strips of magnets hold it down no matter what the weather is outside. This magnetic mailbox wrap fits most standard mailboxes and it includes vinyl address numbers so you can personalize it.

It’s a long, cold winter in most of the country.  With Valentine’s Day inflatable and other outdoor yard decorations, your home will look more festive against the harsh winter elements.