Are you looking for unique Valentines Day romance ideas that will show that special someone how much you care but won't lighten the pocket book?

Here are some cheap yet romantic Valentine's Day ideas that you can use this year!

Pink Stone Heart

Gift of Food:

Squeeze in some Valentines Day romance with a picnic in a beautiful setting. Pack up a basket full of your special someone's favorite foods and treats – don't forget the bubbly!! Pick out the perfect location, load up the car and enjoy a romantic valentines day together.

A dinner for two, out or at home, is almost a guaranteed win as long as there is candlelight, good music, a dance floor and some good wine (or champagne).

Turn down the lights, turn on some music to help set the mood (for some Valentines Day romance), slice up some tasty finger foods (suggestion: strawberries and chocolate) and take turns teasing and feeding your special someone.

A surprise breakfast in bed is another much appreciated gift you can give. To add to just adorn the breakfast plate with a little note that simply says "I Love You."

Lusty Lover's Day:

For a more heated Valentines Day romance surprise that special someone with teasing I.O.U's that they can redeem as they wish. Just be sure that whatever you make the I.O.U for you are willing to do!

Surprise your lover with you! All you need for this gift is you and a big red ribbon or bow. Greet them at the door when they get home for work or surprise them in bed, either way it will be a day to remember.

A tempting trail of rose petals that lead from your front door to the bedroom is another cost free surprise you can try. What a delight they will find when they follow the trail. To make it really perfect, set the mood: turn down the lights, sprinkle some petals on the bed and light some candles. For some added fun leave some bubbly on ice and some glasses next to the bed.

Sweet Sentiments:

Valentines Day romance can be just a few words away! Write out how you feel and what your better half means to you and leave it somewhere that they can find it.

Craft a poem that shows just how much you love them and surprise them with it on Valentine's Day. You can even borrow a tried and true love poem that has been around for years as long as it depicts how you feel!

Little notes placed randomly through-out the home in places they are sure to look is sweet surprise that is sure to soften them up this holiday.

Valentines Day Romance Outdoors:

Cuddle up and enjoy a sunset together. A tried and true romantic evening that never seems to fail. Find a place with a view and just watch!

Lay down a blanket, snuggle up and enjoy and evening under the stars. This is a great follow up to a romantic picnic or even a prelude to any of the above ideas for a great Valentines Day romance.