What gifts NOT to buy for your love, if you still want her talking to you the next day!

Valentines Day is celebrated the world over by lovers everywhere.

Traditionally it is the man who buys the gift for his lady love, but some men get it horribly wrong!

Some men spend an absolute fortune on gifts, often inappropriate. Many ladies also buy gifts but are usually a little more discerning, except for teenage girls who seem to think more is more!

These guidelines may help you avoid expensive & emotional mistakes.

1. Chocolates or candy.  Be very careful here! Many women love chocolate but there are just as many on diets or watching their figure & may not appreciate your gift. Also check the type of chocolate or candy she likes, dark chocolate is not popular with younger women. However if she is a choc-o-holic, go for it!

2. Underwear. Check her size carefully! Also check her taste! Red & sexy underwear may look good on the rack but will sit in the back of the drawer at home. Go instead for classic pastels or cream or coffee shades of lace & she will appreciate your gift more by wearing it often. 

3. Fluffy toys. Toys are fine for the under 20's but most adult women will not appreciate them. Also check the size. Room size teddy bears will only take up space & collect dust.

4. Power tools or labour saving devices. Your love will not appreciate an iron or any other gift that suggests work. This day is about your love for her, not housework.

5. Sex toys or pornography.  Valentines Day is about love, not sex. These may be your fantasy but be very careful here & check first how appreciative your love would be to receive such a gift.

6. Overly expensive gifts. This mainly applies to established couples. Many couples are struggling to pay the mortgage or rent & overspending will definitely not impress your love but a bit of imagination will.

7. Negative body references. This includes gym memberships, weight loss programs, gym equipment, cosmetic surgery, cooking lessons & anything else that your love may take offence to, now matter how well meaning you might think it is!

Suggestions for gifts.

These gifts will not only impress your love but she will appreciate all the more the gift that you do give her, because of your thoughtfulness. Gifts do not have to be expensive to show how much you love her!

Flowers are great but they don't have to be roses! Taking the time to pick wildflowers or collect them from the garden, tell your love, they are worth the time you spent picking them & are much more personal.

Make dinner at home, but clean up your own mess! Take the time to pack a picnic, go to the movies with dinner at a cafe or book a weekend away from the kids.

Do household chores, then she will have more time to spend with you.

Book a couples massage or do it at home! Most people love a foot or shoulder rub.

Buy a bottle of wine that you can both enjoy & make time to drink it.

Most of all, use your imagination.

Most of all, spend time together!  Happy Valentines Day!

Too large teddy!