Here are some ideas for Valentines Day without spending a huge amount of money, but still being sweet.  These ideas work for either gender and hopefully help get everyone in a happy and romantic mood.

Love notes

 This idea involves little notes hidden everywhere!  The cost is very low and allows for very personal and caring messages.  Good note messages are along the lines of "I love how your eyes light up when you smile" or "I wish I were kissing you right now".  Make sure the notes aren't somewhere that might embarrass them, and remember it's all about having fun.

Heart Shaped Cookie cutter meals

 This is a little cheesy, but with the right person an awesome idea.  Heart shaped cookie cutters should be inexpensive, and can be used with a sharp knife for the harder to cut food stuffs.  Heart shaped toast or pancakes in the morning, and heart shaped sandwiches for lunch, or even heart shaped burgers or steaks for dinner.  A little heart shaped cookie cutter could make everything adorable!

 A Night In

 Most places are full and busy on Valentines Day.  If both partners work this might add to daily stress.  A night in represents the time that would have been spent together going out, but hopefully with a less expensive price tag.  Instead of going to a movie one can rent a movie that both enjoy, or play a board game, with ordered out food and a bottle of wine.  Neither person has to cook, it's relaxing and a night out can come on a day when it won't be as busy and hectic.

Not Roses

Roses have a tradition associated with Valentines Day making them more expensive on this day than they will be at any other time of the year.  Many other flowers are lower cost without being less beautiful.  If roses are a must, why not a single red rose?  If you have more time on your hands, why not make a bouquet of origami roses?  Or…

 Chocolate covered Strawberry Roses 

 This idea will cost a bit more money, and can be expensive if Strawberries are not a good price.  The idea also requires some preparation, so this is not good as a last second idea. 


Around 2 dozen Bamboo Skewers

Around 2 dozen Strawberries

1 package chocolate chips

1 cup heavy cream

Chocolate Fondue Pot (optional)

Vase or contain to act as a vase

 Clean the Strawberries and Bamboo skewers.  Take any greenery off of the strawberries leaving the berry as whole as possible.  Stick a strawberry on the end of each skewer.  Load the skewers into the Vase, possibly shortening some so as to arrange the berries. 

 If using a fondue set, make according to the fondue instructions.  If without a fondue set, make either with a double boiler on the stove, watching carefully so as not to burn the chocolate, or in a microwave proof dish.  If using the microwave, combine the chocolate and cream in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 30 seconds at a time until chocolate has just begun to melt.  Stir chocolate and whipping cream together until smooth.

 Dip the strawberries in the chocolate fondue with your partner as an interactive treat! 

 The old fall back: The coupon book

The coupon book was left to the end but not left out as it is low cost.  A coupon book can work wonders if the coupons are genuine and not things that are generally a part of the partners household duties.  Coupons work best if they are sweet and thoughtful things, such as sharing an activity with your partner you know they enjoy, or something they prefer not to do which is normally their responsibility.