Many women love searching the aisles of Valentines gifts and candies looking at all the cute things. On the other hand, many guys have no interest in wondering down those aisles and certainly are not interested in receiving those cute trinkets as gifts for themselves. So what is a girl supposed to do? You want to give those sweet Valentines treats to the one you love but you also want to give him something he'll enjoy. Time to get creative, find ways to include the cute things you enjoy with the practical things he'll want.

Many guys enjoy intimate things for the bedroom. Even if the item is "for you" it can often still be for his enjoyment. Now there are many websites that sell most anything you could want and they usually ship in "plain" packages so that what you are ordering is not broad casted to all. Seeking websites selling intimate apparel or toys can get you any number of fun things without having to go to a store in a questionable neighborhood.

Get him something out of the ordinary, something that will be enjoyable to him but is not something he would normally buy himself. If your guy can't start his day without a cup of coffee consider getting him a new coffee mug and fill it with those cute candies you want to buy, he can use them to sweeten his coffee. Stop by your local handyman store and go looking. Buy a piece of wire or a bolt and attach to it a few nuts (if you have no idea what you are looking for ask a worker to help you) and attach a key chain, give it to him with a note that says; "I'm nuts about you". It's unique and he won't be embarrassed when others see it. Make up a gift basket with things perfect for a "guys night"; a couple movies (guy movies, not romance), some chips and popcorn, or a "game day" basket with drinks, munchies and a promise of no interruptions during the game.

Girls enjoy cute trinkets, guys not so much. If you have it in your budget consider gadgets. New phone, games for his system or tools. Is your guy a fix it man? Let him know you love that he fixes things for you (or at least tries) and get him some tools. Since many guys love their cars consider getting something for it. Pay attention to things he says he wants, getting him something he's had his eye on will make him much happier then much of the trinkets on the Valentines aisle.

With most couples the woman wants those adorable stuffed animals and singing creatures, guys however, don't have much need or use for that sort of thing. Your Valentines gifts do not have to be covered in fur or hearts to be thoughtful and be given with love. If you want to give your guy something he'll really enjoy and potentially brag about to his friends, skip the fuzzy adorable things and be creative with something more practical ideas.