Valentine's messages have seen a definite change in the last few years as technology has opened the door to several new options. Sending a Valentine's message she, or he, will never forget is much easier than ever before.

If you find yourself on the other side of the continent, or the other side of the world, for the day of love, you may want to consider sending your Valentine's messages through a video call. A video call will allow you to see your loved one and tell her how much you love her face to face, even if you are thousands of miles apart.

Email is another way to send Valentine's messages. You could send an email yourself and perhaps choose a background to fit the occasion like hearts or a picture email of the two of you. E-cards are also great to email to you loved one as they often come with great poems or fun animation.

Text Valentine's messages to your significant other throughout the day to let them know you are thinking of them. A simple, "I love you," received on a text can brighten their day until they get back to you. You could even send hints throughout the day about the gift you got her or hints about what plans you have for the evening.

An expensive Valentine's message she would never forget would be to hire a skywriting pilot. This would be a Valentine's message she would tell all of her friends. Make sure that you have a video camera available to record the event.

Call her on the phone when you know she won't be able to answer and leave Valentine's messages on her answering machine or voicemail. This is great if she's at work and will give her a boost when she listens to it on break or after work. Don't call if you know you will be interrupting her.

Take the old-fashioned route and take the time to write your Valentine's message out on a beautiful piece of stationary or pick out a romantic card. This may be the most simple, and least technological, of all the ways to send a Valentine's message but it may also end up being the most important to your loved one.

No matter what option you choose, the Valentine's message is what is most important, not the way in which it is delivered.