Great ideas for hosting a valentines party, big or small.

If you are considering hosting a Valentines party this year you may be feeling overwhelmed thinking of all the things to consider. There are decorations, food, activities and even favors to consider, but once you get things rolling you may find everything falling into place.

First to consider is if you will be having a theme. A Valentines theme doesn't have to have a theme beyond the obvious of celebrating love and Valentines day. However you may decide that a different theme may be desired. There are many different options, masquerade may be fun if you and your guests like to play dress up. True Treasure with the room decorated with treasure chests and chocolate gold coins. Time is another theme, taking into consideration time that has passed with older married couples or remembering to take time for each other. The options are endless when it comes to great Valentines day themes.

Once you have your theme it's time to plan your invitations. The invitations can be emailed if you are going with a casual gathering of friends. If you are mailing or hand delivering your invites you can consider either a card or a simple piece of paper. The decorations on your invite can include things to do with your theme. Incorporate stickers or glitter to make the invite more fun and be sure to hand sign it so your guests know you are taking time to make this a great gathering.

Sometimes the biggest cost in party planning can be the food. If you are planning your party for a time that coincides with a normal meal time you will want to have enough food that your guests are not left hungry. If you are having a small gathering held during a non-meal time you can cut your food budget drastically. Things like vegetables and dips, sweets and punch can be enough. Consider making heart shaped sugar cookies, they can be decorated to be very cute and fun.

A little bit can go a long way. Cover your tables with red or pink table clothes, run a bit of streamers down the length of the table and place a candle in the center for a simple table scape. Cut paper hearts or heart shaped doilies can be taped to the walls for festivity. A few helium filled balloons around the room and the lights kept low will create a romantic mood for your party.

For some food and conversation is enough for them but many others enjoy games played with the group. Newly Wed Game is a regular fun game for Valentines, either buy the board game or search online for possible questions. Valentines Family Feud is another possibility with questions and answers findable online. Pictionary is another fun interactive game that can easily be played with a Valentines theme.

You may also want to consider prizes for the games or for things like "longest married couple", search a party store or even dollar store for neat and affordable ideas for gifts. No matter the size of your party you can throw a fun gathering for your friends coupled or singles. Put a lot of planning into it or very little, either way any excuse to be surrounded by friends is a good excuse!