Guys, if you have a special woman in your life there is a pretty good likelihood that she would love it if you did something special for Valentines Day. If you don't have a lot of money to spend or you are not much of the romantic type that does not have to stop you from planning something that will really make your woman happy. The things you do for her for Valentines does not have to be record book quality, the fact that you tried, were thoughtful and made the day different from the normal will go a long way towards winning you major brownie points.

Of course flowers and chocolates are common and get the job done but a bit of creativity goes a long way. Instead of an expensive bouquet of wilted roses consider getting a different type of flower such as daisies or tulips. Or get one single rose to place in a small pretty vase. Pick some of your favorite love songs and compile them on a mixed cd. Instead of a box of chocolates get some of her favorite candies and put them in a nice candy dish from a thrift store. Some bubble bath and a coupon for a relaxing quiet bath can be very affordable and a thoughtful gift.

Don't have the money to afford reservations at a fancy restaurant? A candle light dinner at home is much more romantic and relaxing. Don't cook much? No problem, again the fact that you are being thoughtful will go a long way. Bring home dinner or have it delivered. To make it special put the food on nice plates and eat at the table by candlelight. Or go even further by preparing something simple yourself. Follow the directions on a box of pasta and heat some canned vegetables. Or make breakfast, pancakes (make them any time of the day) and use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make a few heart shaped pancakes. Just be sure that when all is said and done that you at least rinse out the dishes that are used so that she doesn't get the unwelcome surprise of a trashed kitchen.

Little things that break from the ordinary day will make Valentines day more special. Get some post it notes and write little notes for her and place them all over the house. The notes can range from creative such as on a light switch a note that says "You light up my life" to just sweet with things like "I will always love you" placed on the bathroom mirror. Alternatively, write your notes on those cards that are intended for little kids, you can buy a whole box for real cheap.
Run a warm candle lit bubble bath and leave her alone to relax. Or bundle up and lie together watching the stars.

Most guys are not inclined to scour the card aisle looking for the perfect card, that can be fine if you instead opt to do something more creative. Write a love letter about how important she is to you and stick it in a clean bottle. Not good at saying how you feel? Search online for "Love Letters" and you will get website after website of great love letters. Don't just copy a letter you find though, use the letters you find online to guide you in coming up with your own. Even a note that says something like "words cannot express how much I love you" will likely make her happy.

Other great ideas:
Make use of one of the many free e-card sites, search well ahead of time for great cards and schedule them to be sent to her at certain times. Send one a day, every day for the 14 days leading up to Valentines or one every hour or every few hours on Valentines day.
Contact your local newspaper and place an ad that simply says her name, you love her forever, from your name. Then on the day the ad is to run bring her the paper opened to the page with the ad. Consider bringing her a cup of coffee also so she can enjoy morning coffee and paper.
Give her a coffee cup with a note that says; "Some people need their coffee to get through the day, I just need you!"
Call the radio station she likes and request a song for her, be sure that she will be tuned in when it gets played.
If you own some land use spray paint to write a message to your girl on the lawn. It's a big gesture and next time you mow the lawn it will be gone, no destruction.
Get a copy of the song "Good Morning Beautiful" and put it in your bedroom radio. Leave a note by her pillow that says "Good morning beautiful. Press Play" and let her wake up to a song of your love that she'll be humming all day.
Check thrift stores for books of romantic quotes, give her the book with a note that says something like "Things that remind me of you".
Treat her to a massage, you don't have to be a master, even just a foot rub will show her you care.
Texting should not be the only way you converse with your girl but that doesn't mean it has to be ruled out, send her texts throughout the day that say things like "thinking of you", "love you" or "I can't wait to see you".
Public displays of affection often will get you extra brownie points, even if you don't have the money to have flowers or balloons delivered to her work place, deliver it yourself or employ a friend to deliver it for you.
Get window clings and place a few on the insides of her car windows, be sure they don't obscure her view to drive. Or get window markers and write "I love you" on her back window.

Whatever you choose to do be sure to put some thought into it and don't wait till the last minute. Thoughtfulness goes a long way towards making Valentines day special and out of the ordinary. Follow a few of these ideas or use them to make some ideas of your own and your girl will be talking about this Valentines day for some time to come.