We call it by different names, a hunch, a chill, a vibe, ESP, the sixth sense and very often, intuition. A lot of people call it different things, but they all mean the same thing. It is the ability to acquire information without being conscious of the evidence.

A lot of people have stories about meeting a certain person or going to a certain place and feeling a sort of sense, or a "vibe." Often times that vibe they sense tells them that something is wrong with thios person or place. This feeling usually turns out to be right. It is a scary yet thrilling feeling when that happens.

We are normally told to more or less, ignore our intuition and to rely on something else, especially when it comes to meeting people. We are to somewhat downplay our sense and "be nice." It is true that we are to give everyone a certain amount of respect because we don't know that person so we can't really judge him. But a lot of people turn it off too far and find themselves in bad situations that they would've saved themselves from had they paid attention to all the red flags.

While some people downplay their intuition, there are cases where people overplay it and get themselves in a mess that way as well. In some cases they call a person wrong. They force a feeling and they get overconfident. Unfortunately, they find themselves to misjudge a person and this could ultimately cause diminished confidence in their intuition and they wind up underplaying it too far.

When handled properly, your intuition is correct at least 90% of the time. What happens is your brain processes tons of information, way more information than we pay initial attention to. When meeting a person, the brain processes all of the subtleties of the person from facial expressions to mannerisms and gestures while the things that you notice remain in your conscious, the rest of the information is stored in your subconscious which often results in a "vibe." Some people have it developed to the point of being able to read thoughts. All life is ia a pool of energy and thoughts are energy as well.

One way you can develop your intuition is to quiet your mind and your soul and immerse yourself into the moment, try to be sensitive to every sound, thought, temperature, taste, smell, emotions, and everything about life. As you practice that, you will find yourself more in tune with life.