A well ornate indoor fireplace

In many different cases, a lot of houses built in the past still stand out against the modern houses because of very ornate indoor fireplaces. Years might have past, but the choice of many home-owners to make the fireplace one of the most desired home amenities has not changed -- in fact, this trend has become stronger over the years.

However, fireplaces do not come cheap, though there are cheaper versions of electric fireplaces. Most people however (if in fact afforded the budget) would prefer the real thing -- real flame, real wood crackling, real warmth, real glow, real burning. Or at least the more modern electric indoor fireplaces (which costs more) which simulates the real thing. The bottom line is, having a fireplace is like having an investment. You invest money to have it, your ROI is satisfactory warmth during the cold season, plus the visual satisfaction you get for having such a beautiful house amenity.

To keep getting an ROI from your fireplace investment, you have to keep your fireplace maintained. First thing you have to do is to pay for a certified service technician to check your fireplace condition. Do this annually (preferably summer or the beginning of fall, before the cold season starts) to get professional recommendations as to how to get the most out of your fireplace and to ensure maximum performance.

If over the years you have painted over the original brick or stone mantle of your fireplace and the paint begins to wear off, do not re-paint directly over the worn-out paint. You have to remove the old paint, but do not scrape because it will damage the tile. What you have to do is apply an epoxy and paint remover over the old paint. In this way, you allow the chemical to "pull" the paint from the tile without the force which might damage the surface of the tile. However, when you use epoxy and paint remover, due to chemical reaction, the tile becomes more porous -- thus is can become brittle. The solution to this is to seal the tiles by spraying glaze over it.

There are many fireplace accessories which you can buy to accompany your indoor fireplace. You can install a backfire to make the heat value of your fireplace higher, or you can use more efficient firewood or firewood substitutes thereof which can give you even more heat for lesser cost. You can also install safety accessories to your fireplace like screens or covers. Try to keep yourself updated of the new developments which you can incorporate to your fireplace – there are numerous online resources which you can use, or you can buy home improvement magazines which features indoor fireplaces. Or if all these are too time consuming for you, hire someone to check and maintain your indoor fireplace.

Lastly, the best ROI you can get from your fireplace (aside from making sure it can last for generations to serve the next dwellers of your house) is it not becoming a threat to the safety of your family.