How to write valuable content that search engines love.

SEO friendly content is the easiest way to increase your websites' search engine rankings. While it can prove time-consuming, high maintenance, or even difficult, there are a few simple ways to ensure that it is worth it.

• Firstly, make sure your content is plain and simple. Valuable content is comprehensive to all Internet users. While you want to increase your search engine rankings, you are writing for people, not for the search engine, but the search engines are able to track the quality of the content based on the words immediately surrounding the keywords.

• Be sure to choose your keywords before beginning. Keywords will be the main link that connects your page to the top search results. Plan on repeating the keywords about twice every four hundred words. Since you want to keep it short, this means you should be able to repeat your keywords anywhere from 2-5 times in the article. It is important that you make them appear in the article naturally, though they can be stacked more densely at the beginning.

• Do not sacrifice quality SEO article writing in order to interest the search engine. Just like your mother told you not to sacrifice who you are for anyone, lest they leave without appreciating you for you. If you write content for the search engine, and pack in too many keywords for the sake of a high ranking, even if this fools the search engine and the searchers, as soon as they link to your page they will see that you have nothing of quality to share and they will leave. In the long run this can be particularly detrimental as your Internet reputation can be affected. is a good source for learning about the importance of quality content.

• And finally, be sure to keep your content young and fresh. Since you are trying to create quality content for the readers, be sure to update your information whenever you can. The age of technology is moving quickly and by the time you post your content, it is already becoming dated. Keep your content alive with updates and external links, as well areas for people to add comments. Otherwise, be prepared for the naturally occurring carbon dating of the technology age to replace your content in a matter of weeks.