The quality of our lives and the qualities of our decisions depend on our values, the principles we live by, ethics that define our way of life; personal values can be said to be a personal culture. It drives our behavior, our decisions and determines how we prioritize. Values may be positive such as love, integrity or negative such as cruelty, deception and such.

Values vary with as many humans as there are; they can be based on a foundation that has ties to a personal vision. This base value is the major theme of the individual's life; for example, if an individual wants to be known for doing things right; then regardless of all the other values he lives by, his base value might be accountability, integrity or transparency.

In our bid to successful in the society, we buy into the moral decline in the society and exchange the right values for the ones that are contrary. According to the Bible, the base value for everyone should be love. In Romans 13:10, we see that "Love is the fulfillment of the law". Every law that is required from us by God is fulfilled in love; it is the ideal base value for every other value, it should be the theme of our lives. The argument here is that if all values stem from love, a lot of wrongs in our society can be avoided.

When a man compromises his apparent values; it reveals his base value. When a man who is known as a person of integrity trades his integrity for money, it shows that his base value is material success; he would do almost anything to be materially successful. Values need to be rooted in God because from the Word of God we know that God is love. The need to proof oneself one way or another is inherent in every human being; values are ways to express this need. Our values determine the altitude of our lives; when our values are detrimental to us, our mental and intellectual growth may be stunted. Everyone has insecurities but when our values are rooted in God; the probability of compromise on our values will be greatly reduced. When we know that God is the source of all we have, it is easy to clarify our values and determine what is important to us.

Values clarification is helping people clarify what their lives are for and what is worth working for. People should define their own values and understand the values of other people. When brought down to the lowest form, values are amoral; it is just what is most important to a person. However, we need to consider not just the things we want but how our values and decisions affect the people around us.

The quality of lives will be greatly increased when we understand that our life is not about us. The Word of God is full of values that we can live by.