If you have decided to follow the Vampire trend for this year Halloween you are probably aware that you need the right makeup that looks cool, doesn't irritate your skin and stays put all night. After all, you don't want to make the migration from Vampire to bloody Panda because your mascara and lipstick didn't stay in place… Follow this guide to undead makeup to survive Halloween and looking cool all night long.


While you can use white stage makeup for a truly ghastly white face, it has a tendency to clog your pores and can be tricky if you are going to be at a party with sweat and smoke, so the best alternative is to use a good quality foundation that it's about two shades lighter than your natural skin. You will look pale, without looking like a ghost and you won't shine white when somebody takes a picture with a flash.

Apply the foundation with a sponge and make sure you cover your neck area as well as your face, starting from the outside of the face and moving inwards. Foundations that dry to a powdery texture work better, or you can apply some white face powder to avoid shines and make you look even more pale.


If you are going for the sexy vampire line your eyes with dark eyeliner and use lots of waterproof mascara. Applying a primer will help the eye liner stay in place, or you can use gel eyeliners with more staying power than kohl ones. However, practice before the big day to make sure you can draw a perfect straight line. You can also use fake lashes, but if you are also going for a strong red lip it may look excessive. Two coats of jet black mascara and you are ready to go. If you want to bring attention to your eyes but don't want to use too much makeup consider using cheap vampire contact lenses to finish your look.

Cheeks And Lips

You can use red blush on your cheeks to look like a recently feed vampire, or use a dark grey or brownish share to make your face look more gaunt. For your lips there's usually two styles of vampire makeup: either very pale lips, covered by foundation and white powder and a light pink lipstick or deep red, burgundy or even glossy black makeup. If you are going for a strong eye it's suggested to stick to the first option, but if you like drama make sure to line your lips with lip pencil first to increase the time the lipstick will hold. Glossy lipstick usually wear off quickly, so invest in a good quality long wear lipstick if you want your costume to stay on all night.

Dressing up as a vampire is one of the most popular quick Halloween costumes, as you don't need to spend a lot of money on masks and accessories to still look cool. Make sure your makeup doesn't let you down and enjoy the party!