Top Beach in Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada was the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics and garnered much media attention. Vancouver's population of over half a million is formed of a diverse mix of races, cultures and languages. It's pristine picturesque landscapes and its proximity to water on all sides makes Vancouver a very livable city. The city surrounded by almost 11 miles of beaches which include one salt water lake and ten ocean side beaches. However, you do not have to live in Vancouver, to enjoy its many facets and colors. It is a tourist hotspot during both the summer and the winter seasons. Summer months see the sandy Vancouver beaches splashed with sun worshippers and surfers vying for that golden perfection of the sun glinting off the blues of the water and the gold of the sand. So armed with a beach guide, head out to the playgrounds of youth and nature.

Vancouver Beaches

Surrounded by water on three sides, Vancouver, B.C. is a beach lover's haven. Vancouver abounds in gorgeous beaches for singles and families alike. Be sure to pick up a beach guide brochure from the information centers. A beach guide will direct you to some of the hottest beaches in town. There are so many to pick from depending on the type of amusements you are looking for.

Jericho Beach: A local favorite, Jericho Beach is the venue of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival held annually in July. Located between the north ends of Wallace and Discovery streets, Jericho Beach is located on the west side of Vancouver and is minutes away from the UBC. The beach is also home to the Jericho Sailing Center. Besides enjoying the sun and sand, Jericho Beach is great for kayaking, jogging, sunbathing and volleyball. It is a popular picnic and barbeque site for families gathering for parties and or just a lazy afternoon. Jericho Beach Park has all the amenities for your convenience. There are concession stands, restrooms, showers and changing rooms.

Kitsilano Beach : Another popular beach in Vancouver, B.C. is the Kitsilano Beach also called "Kits" by the locals. The beach is a short 15-minute drive from downtown Vancouver. Catering more to the younger crowd, the beach park boasts a gigantic heated salt water pool which remains open to all visitors during the summer months. The Kitsilano Beach is a sports lover's dream with tennis, volleyball and basketball courts. The beach is equipped with washrooms, showers and concession stands for your convenience. The beach surrounded by fabulous views of Stanley Park and the Northshore mountains.

Spanish Bank Beach: It was so named by the early European Spanish explorers in the late 1700s. Located 25 minutes from downtown Vancouver, Spanish Banks stretch offers three gorgeous beaches. These beaches provide lovely views of the city skylines and busy cruise ships gliding by. Spanish Banks is perfect for picnics and barbeques. Grassy areas around the beach invite sunbathers and family games. Lifeguards patrol the waters during the summer months, keeping an eye on the more adventurous types. Spanish Banks is a quiet beach where amplified sounds are prohibited and so for those looking for peace and calm, this is the beach to seek in your beach guide.

While in Vancouver, be sure to chat up with the locals, for they will fill you in on all the little tips on what the beaches have to offer. Your beach guide maybe a trusted resource, but you've got to go out there and muddy your toes in the inviting warmth of the sandy beaches and the cool embrace of the bluest of waters. Vancouver has much to offer as a popular tourist destination for all ages and tastes.