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If you live in the Lower Mainland, you'll know that the population is large and growing rapidly. That's great for commerce and increased vibrancy, but it also means that there's a greater chance of crime. You might want to look into some local Vancouver alarm companies in order to keep your home secure and prevent break-ins, theft, damage and vandalism to your property. 

This article will look at Vancouver home security systems and what solutions you can expect to find in the area. We'll talk about a few of the features you might want to look for, features that are popular locally and have a proven track record. 

We'll also take a look at a list of some of the finest Vancouver alarm companies out there, and give a review of their services. Since most companies have an area of specialty, we'll try to help you figure out which one is the best fit for you and your home. 

Read on, and learn more about Vancouver home security systems!

Features and Popular Services:

Vancouver Alarm Companies & Home Security Systems

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There are some popular offerings from Vancouver alarm system companies, which we'll take a look at now. This list is not exclusive, and many companies will offer services not listed here. Many local alarm businesses will offer highly specialized services dependent on your needs. However, this is a rundown of typical services you can expect to find.

Alarm Systems:

The most popular offering from Vancouver alarm companies is (you guessed it) the alarm system! There are few deterrents as effective as a home alarm system. The noise alone can scare off a crook, as well as the promise of law enforcement arriving at any second. 

These alarms can be tripped in a number of ways. Sensors can be placed on windows, door and other openings to guard against unwanted intrusion. A keypad on the door handle or directly inside the door can disable it. Sometimes invisible laser tripwires or motion detectors can be utilized too. Most Vancouver based alarm companies will consult with you to set up the most effective system, depending on your property.

Closed Circuit Cameras (CCTV):

Another popular service in Vancouver home security systems is the closed circuit camera. These little guys are effective crime prevention for two reason. First, they keep an accurate record of all the comings and goings on your property. They're mostly high definition these days too, so identifying a crook at a later time is a snap. Secondly, they ward off potential crime before it happens. That little blinky red light? Highly effective.

Home Security Hardware:

One of the best ways to prevent break-ins of your property is to make them extremely hard to get into in the first place. Many Vancouver alarm system specialists will sell you enhanced security hardware. This ranges anywhere from reinforced doors to keyless entry systems. 

Atlas Alarms

Vancouver Alarm & Home Security Companies

When it comes to the security of your home and property, it's best to picks someone who knows what they're doing. Preferably, someone with local knowledge and a great track record is good too. Atlas Alarms happens to handle all three of those things very nicely! 

In the city since 1972, Atlas Alarms is a Vancouver home security company that operates throughout the Lower Mainland. Their services includes 24 hour security monitoring so someone is always watching for irregular activity. They also provide excellent CCTV service customized to your particular situation, card access systems, fire inspections and monitoring, and tons of alarm and security related products.

What makes Atlas one of the premier Vancouver based alarm companies is the fact that they are willing to bend over backward to help you out. Need a customized solution? Not a problem. They even offer free evaluations and estimates. Their personal approach is what keeps people coming back.

ACME Protective Services:

Vancouver Home Security Systems

ACME Protective Services may have a generic sounding name, but there is nothing generic about the great service they provide. They have a great reputation around town. They'll even provide current client references upon request.

ACME's services include both commercial and residential alarm and security services. Vancouver based staff will be able to quickly respond to any situation. Your standard alarm based services and products are available, as well as card or keypad entry systems, and video surveillance. They can monitor for both fire and intrusion, and provide 24 hour monitoring. 

One nice thing about ACME is the fact that they're full service, so most alarm, security, fire and insurance based issues can be handled in house, meaning you don't have to make a million phone calls. They also have great customer service. Check them out!

Vancouver Fire & Security:

Vancouver Home Security Systems

Vancouver Fire & Security is a large, local Vancouver alarm company with extensive experience dating back to 1948. They are big enough to provide excellent service in a variety of areas. They actually run a separate company dedicated to security, called Radius security. This allows them to focus exclusively on security, burglary prevention and monitoring with that company, and use Vancouver Fire & Security to provide fire inspection, prevention and insurance solutions to their clients as well.

This Vancouver alarm company is great because they own and maintain a central alarm centre right in the city itself. This ensures staff are knowledgeable about local infrastructure and geography, and the response time is very quick. They offer home security, monitoring, video surveillance, sophisticated alarm systems and access controls.

Check out Vancouver Fire & Security, one of Vancouver's oldest and most reliable home security companies.

Alarm Companies in Vancouver:

These are just a few local companies that I've personally dealt with. They were all impressive and extremely capable, and all three would ensure a very secure home. There are many others worth checking out too, and this list is by no means exclusive. 

When you're searching for a home security company in Vancouver, it's best to call them up and get a feel for the services they offer. Measure how competent they seem over the phone, and make sure you get a free estimate and evaluation before agreeing to any service; most companies offer this, so you should insist on it. 

Good Luck!