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If you live in the city of Vancouver, or are a resident of the greater metropolitan area, you've probably considered a security company before. As the city and population grows, so does the potential for criminal activity. If you're reading this, chances are you're looking for details on Vancouver security companies and what they have to offer for you, your home or your business. 

This article is all about Vancouver security companies, where they are located, and what they have to offer. We'll provide a list of reputable alarm, patrol and home security companies in the area. We'll look at the capabilities of each one, and what they specialize in. We'll try to mention any extra details as necessary. Hopefully this will help you narrow your choices and pick one that'll be a great fit.

Security Guard Companies in Vancouver: The Basics

If you're looking for a specific thing when it comes to your security needs, it's important to realize that many companies specialize in a specific area. If you want the best fit, do your research and pick a security or alarm company in Vancouver that will provide the best service for your needs. Here are a few things you might find companies specializing in:


Many Vancouver security companies will focus on patrol. This is an officer or set of officers who will routinely patrol your premises. This provides an on-site presence and warn off any potential infiltrators. Patrols can be done on foot, by bicycle or by car. Just seeing the uniformed security guard on the grounds will often scare off the overly curious. 


Another popular offering in Vancouver is alarm companies. These guys will set up an effective digital perimeter around your building. Any unwelcome intrusion in this space will be instantly noticed. They will use both silent and audible alarm systems to ward off criminals. 

Security Systems:

Security systems will often include things that go above and beyond the simple alarm. These integrated security systems include key card access and entry audits. This provides you with an effective way to track entry and exit from your properties. The metrics for these systems are impressive, and can ward off internal theft and fraud. 

Let's get started and look at our list of Vancouver security guard companies.


Intercon / ADT Vancouver

Vancouver Security Companies

Intercon is one of the best Vancouver security companies. They are large and capable in solving most security issues you run into. Their headquarters includes a large base staff that is on duty 24 hours a day. 

Intercon provides lots of security services in Vancouver to clients of all sizes. These services include integrated electronic systems for physical properties, electronic security systems for your computer network, database and email setup, closed circuit television video cameras, cards and security readers for entry and exit, and the physical hardware to secure your property well (think doors and windows).

Intercon has excellent phone staff for any potential event, and has its own security staff and patrols too. They can even provide your local staff with training. All in all, Intercon is a great local Vancouver security company, well worth checking them out. 


Provident Security, Vancouver

Vancouver Security Companies

One of the biggest and best local Vancouver security businesses in the city is Provident Security. Provident is a local business that has grown from humble beginnings into a very large and successful company with over 5000 clients and 200 staff members. You might recognize Provident from their yellow branded vehicles with the owl logo. 

Provident Security Vancouver provides many great services. Their alarm systems are top-notch, and they focus on a multi-tiered approach for alarm detection. Instead of just having motion detectors, they have multiple levels, including audio to listen for breaking glass. In the event of a breakin, the call center is local and able to respond very quickly. Their BLINK™ system allows for wireless communication, much faster than telephone. 

Provident also provides security guard and patrol services in Vancouver. They can be seen in the distinctive yellow vehicles around the city, whether they are in cars, on bikes or on foot. The guards are licenced, bonded and well-trained. 

Concord Security, Vancouver

Vancouver Security Companies

If you live in Western Canada, you've probably noticed that Concord Security can be seen virtually everywhere. They have extensive coverage and have become almost a household name in the area. They are well worth checking out!

Concord Security definitely specializes in the patrol, guard and investigation areas of security services. They do offer very excellent security products like alarms and integrated systems. They are best known for their highly trained staff and wide variety of personnel services. Security guard services in Vancouver are their bread and butter, along with patrols on foot, in a vehicle or on a bike. They also offer unique services such as plain clothes loss prevention officers for retail stores. 

Extremely reputable, with highly trained guards, officers, call center and staff. Check out Concord Security, one of the best companies in Vancouver.

Genesis Security Company, Vancouver

Vancouver Security Companies

One of the best local security systems companies in Vancouver is Genesis Security. They have been a presence in the city for many years and are seen on the street or in vehicles on patrol almost everywhere.

The nice thing about Genesis Security is the fact that they provide a very broad set of capabilities, including security alarm systems, patrol and guard solutions, and staff training. Whether you want to hire their guards for a one-time event, for patrolling your holdings, or for an on-site daily security presence, they are well-trained and capable at what they do. They also offer high tech alarm service solutions for both residential and commercial clients, including a technical support team that will help with any unique needs or requirements.

They are a mainstay in the security industry in Vancouver BC, so check out Genesis Security for more information.


There are so many security companies in Vancouver to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to pick just one to use. The best thing to do is read reviews like these to narrow down your needs and your choices, and then pick up the phone and chat with them. Pick the one that impresses you the most!

Good Luck!