There are many people in Vancouver who are looking for whitening products so that they can get stains removed from their teeth. Teeth whitening is a popular name for dental bleaching and a method that is gaining in popularity all over the world. Bleaching of teeth is not new and is a procedure that was used in the ancient times when different materials were used to keep teeth white.

Discolored teeth can be formed due to many reasons. Those who drink too much of tea, coffee or red wine are bound to have discolored teeth. The reason is that the enamel that is present in the teeth becomes eroded over course of time. Also, by consuming these beverages stains form on the teeth. Those will consume antibacterial medications also tend to get stains on the teeth.

What are the types of methods involved?

There are many methods for whitening teeth that are used by people, the most common method being the application of gel that is available over-the-counter. Applying gel is like using toothpaste and over the course of 2 to 3 weeks you can see the results. Tooth whitening paste is also used for the same purpose and it takes the same amount of time as gel to see the results.

The second popular method of whitening-teeth is by using strips which are very convenient to use because they can be taken off any time. It is also believed to be a very fast method of treatment and you can see the results in a couple of weeks. However, the strips tend to be expensive since you need to use it multiple times for the desired results to be seen.

A very popular method of teeth whitening is the use of plastic trays. The trays need to be customized according to the person's teeth and need to be shaped for a tight fit. This can be done by a dental professional although many people use it at home by buying over-the-counter trays. The trays are filled with bleaching agent in the form of a gel. When a person puts on the trays the teeth are exposed to the bleaching agent over a time period extending to about 20 minutes. This procedure is carried out three or four times and you can achieve good results.

Bleaching gels and teeth whitening trays are available easily over-the-counter in most medical stores. This can also be carried out by the individual at home without going to a dental practitioner. However, to get the best results it is better to go to a dentist who has experience in teeth whitening procedures.

Laser teeth whitening is also very popular method and is used in the case of people who have very sensitive teeth sense when there is very little pain involved. First, a bleaching gel is applied which consists of hydrogen peroxide after which a laser light activates the bleaching agent. The bleaching agent acts on the teeth-enamel and removes the stains. This is very painless procedure and can be completed in an hour. 

Zoom is a particular type of laser treatment in which hydrogen peroxide is used in the gel and pH level is between 7.5 and 8.5. Mercury metal halide is used between 350 to 415 nm.

Brightsmile uses a special gel that also contains hydrogen peroxide and has a pH level of 6.5. It uses gas plasma or LED between 400 and 500 nm.

Sapphire uses special Sapphire plasma heart light that breaks down the components of the stain and removes it.

Laser treatment is expensive and many people stay away from this form of treatment. You will find that gels and teeth whitening trays are the most popular forms of treatment for whitening teeth. It is best to consult a dental practitioner for using any form of teeth whitening.

Irrespective of the form of treatment that you adopt for whitening your teeth you must check how proven the method is. It is better to go for the low sensitivity treatment which is also fast and economical. A dental professional should carry out the whitening procedure so that it negates any risk involved. The dental practitioner should be well experienced and should be shown your medical and dental records so that he takes into account any allergies or sensitivities.

There are many options for teeth whitening in Vancouver. You can check for teeth whitening and in the local newspaper or go through the relevant section on the local Craigslist and you will be able to locate a suitable dentist for teeth whitening.