Comparison Review: G155 (Sentry) and Vanguard

Have you decided on getting a GAEMS ‘personal gaming environment’ (PGE), however can’t quite decide on whether to get the compact & more basic Sentry model or the larger & more advanced Vanguard model? If so, then hopefully this brief comparison account -- Sentry Vs Vanguard -- will be able to help you out through a feature-by-feature analysis breakdown, from which we can see exactly how the two models stack up against each and other & basically see which PGE offers the best value for money specifically for you.

Video Performance

Sentry: 15.5” (720p) LED | 90 degree Viewing

Vanguard: 19” (1080i) LED & Accents | Matte Screen | 170 degree Viewing | Kickstand |

Immediately, you can see the video specs for the Vanguard are more impressive than the Sentry offering you both a larger screen, which in turn I find helps you to ‘immerse’ yourself better in the gaming action as well as an improved resolution as (both operate on a LED screen platform).

Additionally, the Vanguard offers a matte (anti-reflective) layered screen to help deal with preventing ‘shining’ lights that disrupt game play (the Sentry however is subject to fluorescent lighting and you may find it difficult to play in such lighting conditions). The Vanguard also offers a fully variable viewing angle at up to 170 degrees & integrated kickstand, so you can pretty much choose which ever angle best suits your position-- whereas the Sentry is limited to the standard right angle (90 degree viewing).

GAEMS G155 Sentry Personal Gaming Environment (Xbox 360/ PS3 Not included)
Amazon Price: $249.99 $218.98 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 16, 2013)

Audio Aspects - “Game Quietly or Unleash the Power of Built-in Chambered Speakers

Sentry: Stereo | Dual Output Jacks | Fits Carry-On

Vanguard: Chambered Metal Coned Stereo | Dual Output Jacks | Fits Carry-On

Both PGEs offer an integrated stereo, however there is a clear difference in quality whereby the Vanguard offers a ‘chambered metal coned stereo’ which ensures the gaming sound is crisp, just like you would expect (this is not to say however, the sound quality offered on the Sentry is poor though).

However, both models have the potential to get pretty loud (which is perfect for a large gathering). But, as you can see from the features above --  they both also offer a dual jack output (of 3.5 mm) for headphones etc (for when you need to play in silence). The PGE’s are also of course ideal as portable movie players, simply stick the DVD/ Blu-Ray into your console, sit back and watch a movie (of course the Vanguard again lets itself as the model, if this is your intention).

In all, from the video & audio specs it is clear the Vanguard offers the better overall gaming experience compared to the Sentry.

Accessories & Features

Sentry: HDMI Cable | Badge | Skins | Battle Bag

Vanguard: PGE Sling | PGE Remote | HDMI Cable | Badge | Skins | Battle Bag

They both come with a 7 inch HDMI Cable as well as a customizable gaming center badge (you can see on the images above) & battle bag (to keep all your accessories & a few games in). The Vanguard does offer a remote (mainly for sound control) as well as a more practical ‘sling’ luggage carrier. You can also change the PGEs up with different colored skins, allowing you to personalize it a bit.

What’s in the Box?

Both models come with the relative PGE (either Sentry or Vanguard), an accessory luggage bag, customized foam base for the console utilised - PS3, Xbox 360), a 7 inch HDMI cable, user manual & 100-240V power cable.  The Vanguard does also offer the PGE sling (alternative to the luggage bag) & remote control.


Sentry: Weight - 8 lbs | Dimensions - 20 x 6.8 x 15 inches

Vanguard: Weight - 11.5 lbs | Dimensions - 19.75 x 7 x 16.75 inches

Surprisingly, the vanguard is only 3.5 lbs heavier than the Sentry and only slightly bigger -- this is potentially an issue though if you are planning to do a lot of travelling, in which case the Sentry is probably more ideal given it is lighter & slightly more compact.

Further Information

Both models are TSA (transport security admin) approved for travelling -- being light, strong (with an armoured-like shell) and durable. Both the sentry & vanguard are easily fitted into travel luggage to pass all major airlines (and is simple enough to play right there in the airport to ‘pass the time’ with the layover).

They are also backed on a one year warranty coverage program (that starts from the date of purchase), in case you were to run into any defects with the console monitor during that time.

Console Suitability for: Playstation 3 Slim, Xbox 360, Xbox 360S and the next gen Xbox One & PS4 (to get the most out of the latter consoles, I’d really recommend the vanguard over the sentry due to the better video output performance & quality).

Conclusion - Should You Buy a Sentry or Vanguard?

Both models are actually fantastic (both recieving incredibly positive reviews), and if you buy one I think you will be surprised at the actual quality of gameplay they offer & pretty much their overall build (especially if you have never even seen one before).

This being said, whether you buy the Vanguard or Sentry depends on a few factors -- firstly lets discuss price: the Vanguard as seen is by far the better model but for this you are paying roughly an extra $100 +, is this worth it from a specs point of view? Yes, I’d certainly say so (particularly the edge in video & audio performance).

However, from a practical view, if you are going to be carrying a PGE around a lot of the time, the extra 3.5 lbs & size (plus the console & controllers) it could potentially become an issue and it is only in this case would I advise you to get a Sentry (although in truth that is actually an excellent model, which you won’t be disappointed in it). But, yet again, is it actually 'that' much heavier to put you off? (It depends on the individual).

Either way, you are getting a fantastic little video accessory set up -- that is perfect for gaming ‘whenever, and wherever you want’, simply “pop it open, plug it in and play” (my friend had one at college, and we used to have a few games of FIFA 13 before an Econometrics lecture, dream).

Let me know, which model you choose and why -- either the Sentry or Vanguard.

Moreover, if you have any questions, comments or concerns (or are seeking further specific or general advice) with regards to the comparison account of the GAEMS Sentry Vs Vanguard or about either the Sentry or Vanguard specifically (e.g. what’s the difference between the Sentry & G155?) then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.