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easy to miss in the store

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In the late 90's I was looking for a new fragrance to wear. I wanted something that was not overpowering and had a light scent. I am sensitive to strong perfumes, and therefore wanted "just a little something" then I discovered Vanilla Fields Cologne Spray.

It was one of those weekends, while out and about, I happened to be in the drugstore looking for a gift for my mom, when I almost made myself sick with all those perfume testers trying out the latest and greatest fragrances. Some promised you diamonds, and others a great life if you only wore their perfume! ( I am being sarcastic, but I am sure you get my drift). Many of the newer perfumes had huge ads and lots of flashy colors to attract you to their product.

After buying the gift, I headed to the coffee shop and the waitress walked by me, and I got the slightest hint of her perfume. I loved it! I asked her what it was, and she said Vanilla Fields Cologne. She said she liked the cologne because it was just a light mist when it goes on and is not overpowering. She was right.

I headed back to the drugstore, and asked about it at the counter. It turns out that Vanilla Fields Cologne and their other line of products with this fragrance was launched in 1993. It became popular during the 90s, but many other types of fragrances have come out since then, but the clerk said that it is still very popular across all the ages of women. Meaning it doesn't seem to be geared to any particular age group as it has such a light vanilla fragrance.

I tried it in the store, and instantly liked it. I missed it before because I did not see a tester for it. The clerk let me test some, as I was quite interested. I purchased it right then and there. That was about 12 years ago, and I still love it. My family knows I love it, and because of that, that was the only bottle I personally purchased myself. Each birthday and Christmas I get at least one bottle of Vanilla Fields Cologne Spray, as they love it too!

I have tried their powders and soaps, but I personally love the Vanilla Fields Cologne spray only. I use just a light spray of this every day. I find it lasts all day.

So, if you are looking for a different fragrance, that does not cost the earth, and is created from the natural essences of the earth, then you should head to the cosmetic counter and find a tester for Vanilla Fields, and I think you will agree, that it is such an uplifting fragrance, that seems to boost your mood, with that hint of vanilla.

This would make a great gift idea, for someone who does not like to wear strong fragrances or perfumes, but would like a nice light scent, that lasts all day.

You can get Vanilla Fields at most cosmetic counters, but you may need to really look because the box it comes in, is very simple. It is white with a bird on it, and simple printing. Many of the other fragrances are flashy boxes.. so keep the name in mind Vanilla Fields Cologne Spray.

You can also get this produce online with stores such as Amazon and Ebay. You will be pleasantly surprised to find it is very affordable, especially as a gift. My family love the scent on me, and I get all my refills from them. They even sell a small travel sized one, for going on vacations, which I have as well.

In Closing