Vans Skateboard Shoes

Vans Skateboard Shoes & Sneakers Styles/Models

Being around as long as Vans Footwear has, it's a give-in that they have many different styles and models of Vans skateboard shoes to choose from. In fact, every skateboarding shoe made today can thank Vans sneakers for being the forerunner of the skateboard shoe industry for 40 years and counting. Vans Footwear provides any style skate shoe imaginable. From slip-ons, to mids, to hi-tops, Vans Footwear has it all. Even if you only focus on their selection of skateboard shoes and ignore all of the leisurely shoes, every model has their own personal style whether it's their shape or their designs. Let's take a look at the current list of Vans skateboard shoes and sneakers:

  • Desurgent
  • Kilson
  • Ellis Mid
  • Calar Mid
  • OTW Slim MU
  • Holder
  • Check Perf OTW Lite
  • West Coast Customs OTW Lite
  • West Coast Customs Repeater
  • Ryan Guettler Whip 3
  • Bucky Lasek Bucky V
  • Bucky Lasek Bucky V Mid
  • Bucky Lasek Buck V-Hyphy
  • Skink
  • Weather Skink
  • Skink Mid
  • Omar Hassan La Cripta Dos
  • Omar Hassan La Cripta Dos Mid
  • Repeater
  • Repeater Hi
  • Rowdy
  • Geoff Rowley XLT Elite LS
  • Ripsaw
  • Malone
  • Owens Hi Vulc MU
  • Morgen
  • Checker Vans Widow

Vans Skateboard Shoes & Sneakers Features

Vans Footwear knows how to make a durable skateboard shoe. As the first skate shoe company to exist, they have been keeping up with the latest improvements in skateboard shoe durability features. Vans Footwear strives mainly on producing quality skateboarding shoes and sneakers for relatively low prices, and though they may not have a lot of high-tech comfort features or fancy patented names for things, they do have some of the most durable skateboard shoes on the market. I know this from personal experience and I can fully vouch for that claim. Here are some of the things that Vans Footwear offers in their skateboard shoes and sneakers:

  • Vulcanized waffle-grip soles for maximizing board grip
  • Polyurethane midsoles for extra shock absorption
  • EVA insoles for comfort
  • High-Grade PU footbeds for comfort and shock dispersion
  • Double and triple stitching for optimum shoe durability

Vans Shoes For Kids

Very few skate shoe companies feature as many shoes for kids as Vans does. There are so many Vans shoes for kids that it's a parents dream come true. Vans shoes for kids come in every size and they are sold virtually everywhere skateboard shoes and kids skate shoes are sold. Kids Vans skate shoes are very cheap compared to other kids skate shoes. The amount and diversity of different styles of Vans shoes for kids is amazing as well. There is a kids Vans skate shoe for every taste and personality. Vans shoes for kids are extremely popular and it's no wonder, look at this list of all the kids Vans shoes there are to choose from:

  • Kids Checker Vans Widow
  • Kids R.I.P. Widow
  • Kids Widow
  • Kids Bearcat
  • Kids Half Cab
  • Kids Holder
  • Kids Coated Holder
  • Kids Brasco
  • Kids Lowell
  • Kids Omar Hassan Check Jacquard La Cripta Dos
  • Kids Omar Hassan Check Jacquard La Cripta Dos Mid
  • Kids Ripsaw
  • Kids Skink
  • Kids Skink Mid
  • Kids Bucky V
  • Kids Icon
  • Kids Old School V
  • Kids Whip 3
  • Kids Chukka Lo
  • Kids Scar V

Cheap Vans Skate Shoes

Usually you don't have to wait for a sale to buy cheap Vans shoes. Vans Footwear has always strived to make affordable skate shoes for people on any budget. One way to buy cheap Vans skate shoes is to look for discounts on the clearance racks in skate shoe stores. Many older Vans skate shoes go on sale and become really cheap. There are lots of places to by discount cheap Vans skate shoes online as well, you just have to know where to look.

Luckily, you don't have to wait for these older Vans skate shoes to go on sale because there are a ton of cheap Vans skate shoes available in fresh new models. Most skateboard shoes and sneakers can sell for anywhere between $70-$100. There are a lot of really cheap Vans skate shoes you can buy in comparison to those prices. Here is a list of cheap Vans skate shoes on sale right now for $60 or less*:

  • Cheap Vans Skate Shoes #1: Authentic ($35-$50)
  • Cheap Vans Skate Shoes #2: Era ($35-$50)
  • Cheap Vans Skate Shoes #3: Ripsaw ($60)
  • Cheap Vans Skate Shoes #4: AV Sk8 Lo ($60)
  • Cheap Vans Skate Shoes #5: Chukka Lo ($55)
  • Cheap Vans Skate Shoes #6: Old Skool Core Classic ($50)
  • Cheap Vans Skate Shoes #7: 106 Vulcanized ($50-$60)
  • Cheap Vans Skate Shoes #8: Sk8 Hi Core Classics ($55)
  • Cheap Vans Skate Shoes #9: 106 SF ($60)
  • Cheap Vans Skate Shoes #10: La Cripta Dos ($55)
  • Cheap Vans Skate Shoes #11: Half Cab ($60)

*Prices taken from SkateAmerica and Zappos on 1/30/2010

Vans Shoes for Girls/Women

There aren't just Vans shoes for kids and men, there's also a full line of Vans shoes for girls/women. Many of these girls/womens Vans skate shoes are mimics of the mens Vans sneakers. These Vans shoes for girls/women benefit from all of the same features as all of the other Vans skate shoes, and they are some of the most popular girls/womens skateboard shoes on the market. Vans shoes for girls/women are all very stylish, comfortable, and durable. Vans Footwear makes sure to incorporate what girls like in skateboard shoes. You can buy Vans shoes for girls/women at almost any store that sells skate shoes. Here are the current skate shoe models of Vans shoes for girls/women:

  • Girls/Womens Chukka Lo
  • Girls/Womens Addie
  • Girls/Womens OTW Slim
  • Girls/Womens Dustin Dollin DD-66
  • Girls/Womens Holder Mid
  • Girls/Womens Ripsaw
  • Girls/Womens Lynzie
  • Girls/Womens Lace Lynzie
  • Girls/Womens Luxe Rowley
  • Girls/Womens Widow Plus
  • Girls/Womens Aubree

Vans Footwear's Sponsored Skateboarders

Vans Footwear claims sponsorship to some of the best skateboarders in the world. These skateboarders depend on Vans skateboard shoes and are loyal to the brand by helping create and improve their own models of Vans sneakers. Without Vans Footwear, one can only imagine how skateboarding would have developed as a sport, let alone how these pro skaters perform every time they step on their board:

  • Geoff Rowley
  • Tony Trujillo
  • Dustin Dollin
  • Anthony Van Engelen
  • Johnny Layton
  • Ray Barbee
  • John Cardiel

History of Vans Footwear

Vans Footwear was first established in Anaheim, California on March 16, 1966 by Paul Van Doren and three partners. Vans Footwear first started out making men's skateboard shoes that are now referred to as their Authentics. Vans sneakers were growing in popularity thoughout the late 60s and early 70s and at one point were even under contract with the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Air Force to produce wool-lined canvas and rubber mukluks.

During the 70s, Vans Footwear was exploding in popularity in Southern California and it seemed almost ever skateboarder could be spotted wearing the Vans #95 skate shoe, now called the Era, which was a skateboard shoe specially designed by top skateboarders Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta. Towards the end of the 70s, Vans Footwear had opened up 70 stores in California and sold their skate shoes and famous Vans slip-ons all over the world.

During the 1980s Vans Footwear started to experiment with branching out into other sports like baseball, basketball, and wrestling to try and make a name for themselves as a top athletic shoe company. Unfortunately all of this diversity caused Vans Footwear to lose a lot of money when their other shoes weren't selling as well as they had hoped, and they were forced to claim bankruptcy in 1983.

Vans Footwear eventually paid off their debts 3 years later and over the next 18 years Vans skateboard shoes and sneakers remained to be some of the most popular skate shoes in the world while being juggled around between different owners before finally being bought out and brought back to the original family. Paul Van Doren's son, Steve, wound up snagging the company back for a lofty $396 million in 2004.

Vans Footwear continues to be one of the best all-around skateboard shoe companies in the world. Their popularity stems not only from the footwear and apparel, but also all of the major events they sponsor like the Vans Warped Tour. Vans Footwear looks like it will remain in the history books as the longest running skateboard shoe company forever.

Vans Skateboard Shoes Not For You?

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