There are more vans under 1000 dollars in the marketplace than ever, the Internet has opened up a lot more doors and access to good second hand vans. But the question is can you get a good quality van for under $1000 which isn't a pile of rust. Well that all depends on you and having a bit of experience on how to spot cheap vans that can give you thousands of miles of maintenance free running. The most important things that you need to look for, number one is the engine. The more miles on the clock usually means more wear and tear. Try to find out were the majority of the miles have come from, its better to buy a van with high highway mileage, rather than buying a van with lower mileage but the majority of the mileage coming from short trips around town.

Vans Under 1000 DollarsMost vans under 1000 dollars, will have a bit of wear and tear on the bodywork. So try to choose a van that is not covered in rust. It go's without saying don't buy an heap of rust, but that is just common sense isn't it. If you know a mechanic, take the mechanic with you when you are viewing a van under $1000. It could be the best decision you could make when buying a cheap van.

The Internet is a big place, which means it has never been easier to find cheap bargain vans. All you need to do is hop over to google type in vans under $1000 into the search box and you will instantly be able to find page after page of websites selling cheap vans. It might be a good idea to narrow your search down for even better results. So if you live in New Jersey for example add this to your google search.

So using this as an example I've just searched for Vans under $1000 in New Jersey. One of the websites I found was a site called trucks for a grand. Having just taken a quick look at the website, there are hundred upon hundred of vans for sale under 1000 dollars. You can even narrow down your searches by inputting the amount of miles that you are prepared to travel to buy a van or truck.

Another good website on page one was a site called 1000 dollar autos, this website is so easy and quick to use. On the homepage their is a map of the US, all you do is click on the area of the map that you live in and then all the cheap vans or trucks under 1000 dollars in your area quickly appear.

Another good website to look at is eBay, this auction website is huge. Which means more and more vans for sale under $1000 are hitting the website each day. When buying a cheap van, you really do need to see it before you buy. And eBay the majority of the time you will not be able to do this. You are really buying the truck blind, all that you have got to go off, is the van's description and a few pictures. Some auction sellers will allow viewing whilst other won't. Can you imagine the amount of viewing requests that some of these cheap vans for under 1000 dollars are going to get. This can be a huge inconvenience for some people, so that is why lots of people will not allow viewing before buying. The secret to getting yourself the best deal that you can is to shop around all the different websites and even check out your local ads. Don't jump straight in and buy the first cheap van that you see and to ensure that you are getting the cheapest deal that you can try to barter on the price. Don't ever offer the money that is stated by the seller, try to barter 90% of the time you will get something knocked off the final price of the van if you do barter.