Owning a Vapur water bottle may just be one of the best small decisions you can make in your life. Many people who already own a water bottle have a tendency to take it for granted, except in those moments where they forget to bring it to work or lose track of where it is in the house. Without H20, you are instantly cut off from one of the most necessary liquids you could put in your body. The brand name Vapur specializes in creating some great quality and inexpensive products that will be sure to keep you from dehydration, and allow you to live your life in good health and comfort.

The Vapur Water Bottle Eco Friendly and Reusable Drinking Pouch

While there are many sports bottles on the market, purchasing a Vapur water bottle has never been so simple. Let us get one thing straight immediately: these are not traditional water bottles. They are not made from hard BPA-free plastic or stainless steel. There are very few comparisons that could be drawn with other brand names like Reduce or Sundesa in mind. If you are interested in owning an extremely unique water drinking product that is foldable and pouch-like, a Vapur bottle will be right up your alley. Before we explore some great products from this company, be sure to keep in mind the traits that make up a great Vapur H20 bottle.

Every Vapur water bottle is foldable. This is perhaps the one characteristic that is most different from other brand name products. In essence, this product is an anti-bottle as it goes against the rigid norms set by most other water bottle companies. These products utilize a light plastic material, as well as an FDA approved polyethylene inner liner that allows this product to contort to other shapes and retail a high quality taste as well. When the bottle is filled, it will stand upright. When it is empty of water, it will become virtually as small as a few pieces of paper. You can then fold and store this device on the go.

Every Vapur water bottle also comes with a carabineer that is a great accessory for anyone on the go. Many people love to take water with them on hikes or long walks around a local park. The lightweight design of Vapur’s bottles makes this a very valuable product to have on your person. Of course, with the carabineer attachment, you may also find it easy to attach this bottle to other locations as well for easy use. One place I would consistently leave mine is attached to a coat rack. Pre-fill this bottle the night before you go to work, place it on a rack close to your door, and grab it on your way out.

Owning a Vapur water bottle also provides you access to a freezable pouch that is also dishwasher safe. The first fact is particularly interesting because of the form fitting nature of this product. As a secondary usage, you can even use this as a freeze pack that can be applied to injuries. This may be essential if you have kids who love to play outside and frequently hurt themselves. The dishwasher safe design is also an added bonus, as many standard water bottles can only be washed by hand. If you accidentally drop this bottle in mud, you will still be able to reuse it.

Inexpensive Vapur Water Bottles to Check Out!

Many people who purchase a Vapur water bottle are immediately drawn to the Vapur 0.5 Litres Anti-Bottle.  This is perhaps their most popular product, and for good reason. It is the perfect size for most people. It also comes in a wide variety of colors including blue, grey, red, orange, pink, and green. The price points are also incredibly low. The blue water bottle is only a dollar! The prices do not get extraordinarily high at any point. Even if you are uncertain about Vapur H20 bottles, at this low price you can try one out without a hassle.

An alternative Vapur water bottle you may want to consider is the Vapur Element .7 Liter collapsible water bottle. This is a slightly larger size and features a new design. Some previous products have led to consumer complaints, and Vapur has decided to address these former problems in the form of a new bottle. Included is a SuperCap that makes it significantly easier to drink from this bottle than earlier products from this line. On Amazon, this device is currently maintaining a perfect 5-star rating from consumers, which instantly implies a superb build quality and product in general.

Buying a Vapur water bottle may just be one of the easiest choices you have to make today. At such a low cost, these bottles can easily adapt to your personal needs.