Fast and affordable

looks new and refreshed


doesn't hide gouges, but we personally found the floor still looked good since we evened out the tone.

Minwax 609604444 Hardwood Floor Reviver, 32 ounce, Low Gloss
Amazon Price: $23.58 $16.87 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 16, 2018)

Full Review

We recently used the Varathane Renewal Floor Refinishing Kit, with amazing results!

We found this product to be the answer to our problem. It was easy to use, very user friendly actually, and gave the wood floor a great look.

If you are looking to refinish your hardwood floors, and like us, just could not fit it in the budget, then this Varathane Renewal Floor Refinishing Kit, is something you definitely need to take a look at.

Every thing you need is in the box.



Minwax 609604444 Hardwood Floor Reviver, 32 ounce, Low Gloss
Amazon Price: $23.58 $16.87 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 16, 2018)

"Beautify wood floors in just one day the fast, and easy way with Varathane Renewal No Sanding Refinishing Kit. Varathane Renewal restores any dull, or worn finishes and eliminates scuff marks and scratches. Varathane Renewal is compatible with all types of wooden floors, even laminate!"

This is the review you find on the side of the box. This is a three step process, and as long as you follow the steps in order then this will be one of the cheapest ways to get that hardwood shining again.

Step 1

You have to clean. Obviously remove all furniture, rugs and debris. Then sweep, and get all the grit you can off of this floor. This will be the hardest part for you. Give it a light damp mop after just to make sure you have got all the dust and dirt off of this floor.

Step 2

You put this on, it comes in the kit, and it removes any old varathane and varnish, and scuff marks etc, and is a bit abrasive. This give the wood a bit a "tooth" for the varathane to stick to.

Step 3

The top coat. This is the finish touch. This gives the gleam and shine you are looking for.

That is it! If you can leave this room empty for at least 3 days, or a week would be best, then you know the finish is cured and tough and ready for your traffic.

This is a great product, if your floors are looking a bit weathered and worn, or if you have already had them sanded in the past and you really need to replace them the next time, which can be a huge expense.

Example of use: We were renovating a house built in 1972, it had original oak flooring in the living/dining area. The floor and been sanded a few times before, and obviously someone had tried to do it themselves, as there were some dips and gouge marks. Over the years the varathane had worn off, and it just look mottled and dirty. We got a quote from a floor refinishing company that was recommended to us, but at $3.50 per square ft to refinish and an additional $.75 cent for a dark stain (which they recommended to since it was worn) this was going to blow our budget as we had just had a kitchen replaced.

So as I was walking through the local Home Depot I spotted this Varathane Renewal Floor Refinishing Kit. I read the label, and was not convinced, but purchased the product for $79.99 (Canadian) and took it home.

We finished all the other renovations first, as we did not want any dust in the air, and my son followed the steps, and was amazed at how much cleaner it looked just after step 2, which took off the old finish and just seemed to even out the color.

Once that final coat of shiny vararthane was put on top, we were complete amazed. Yes you still have the dips and gouges, but it still looked amazing. Just more of a rustic clean and shiny finished hardwood floor.

So, I totally recommend you give this product a try before ripping out and replacing your floors or have them refinished. There is no sanding involved with this product, and it looks like a million bucks in my opinion. We were all amazed. For that cost, we could do it every few years and save on refinishing, until we are ready to change the flooring.

It was fast too, there is only a 30 minute drying time between steps.

We all need to save money when we are renovating or updating our homes, and this is definitely one way to do that.

In Closing

I would use this amazing product again and again. Loved the result

Minwax 609604444 Hardwood Floor Reviver, 32 ounce, Low Gloss
Amazon Price: $23.58 $16.87 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 16, 2018)