Tools offer gardeners an undeniable helping hand but can be quite a hassle to store. When a garden becomes big enough to require a full set of tools, one must seek out a storage solution that can handle them all. Tools used in a garden range in size and shape which can make them overwhelming in large quantities. Simply leaning them up against a wall will only result in tools damaged from falls and outdoor moisture. Garden tool racks are an ideal form of tool storage because they have slots and holes which can accommodate all forms of garden tools.

Many racks are designed to sit on the ground, which is fine, but ground space can be limited in areas around a garden. Gardens often reside right next to patios where furniture and barbecues can take up most of the space. In these cases, wall mounted garden tool racks are the best choice. These racks are often made from wire steel, featuring small hooks and baskets from where tools can be placed. Installation is a simple process, only requiring a drill and a screwdriver. Small spring loaded grippers featured on many models allow users to hang handled tools.

Floor racks are a viable option for people who have enough floor space for such a unit. They offer a more complete set of tool racks that wall mounts and can keep an entire arsenal of tools organized. Tools long and short can be slid into the various slots and secured at the base. Tools are kept straight and erect so they can be seen with ease. Wheeled models even allow you to roll the rack around the yard so you don't have to make return trips for multiple tools. The plastics used in these units are strong enough to resist cracking and fading caused by extreme weather and harsh use.

Racks such as these work well when placed against a sturdy wall. Tall racks tend to be unstable and can be easily blown over by the wind or aggressive removal of a tool. This can be fixed by securing the rack to the wall using mounting hardware