A gardener's touch can often be mysterious for some people, particularly those with "brown thumbs". Regardless the beauty created by a skilled gardener is something to be cherished and enjoyed. If you have ever been to a private garden, you probably experienced the thrill of being in fresh air among vibrant plant life. Unfortunately this pleasure must come to an end when night approaches. In the dark of night, the beauty of a garden fades away until the next morning. If you are going to put the time and effort into creating a garden, you are entitled to enjoy it at all hours of the day.

To solve this problem, some gardeners are turning to exterior light fixtures to illuminate their garden at night. Lighting a garden, especially a large one, is bound to require more than one light source. Using a combination of several lights is often the best way to achieve full coverage. There are so many places in a garden that have great potential for lighting, including Garden Lightingwater features, trees, bushes and pathways. Believe it or not, there are light fixtures for every one of these areas. The secret to a successful project is knowing what those lights are and how to apply them.

One interesting light variety is capable of floating on water. Floating lights are available for both pools and garden ponds and are quite unique in their effect. Floating lights for pools frequently project an abundance in color, resulting in a rainbow effect on the bottom and sides of the pool. Since ponds tend to have murkier water, pond lights usually shine out the top, such as in the case of glowing orbs. The electronics are kept safely inside a plastic case and can be left in the water at all times. Solar garden lights turn on and off automatically so you don't have to fish the lights out with a net to switch the on/off.

Themed lights are another popular garden light because they are so colorful and fun. Themed lights come in many forms, including string and stake fixtures. These lights are featured in themes like insects, plants and interesting shapes. A cute ladybug or dragonfly light makes the perfect match for a garden environment. Place these themed lights throughout your garden fauna for pockets of unexpected light. Whether up high or down low, lights with a theme allow gardeners to express their personal interests and taste in the form of a light.