I have to laugh each time I see someone say "I have lost so much weight, I used to be a size 20 and now I am a size 10".


And No, I am not saying that person has not lost a big amount of weight. It is the discrepancy in clothing sizes I am concerned with.




To me I just wonder which brand of clothes they gauge their size reduction by.My daughter's frustration is the cause of my writing this article.




Her company sent her off to have a fitting for a new work uniform.She normally buys clothes for herself between the size of 16-18, okay.So can you imagine her frustration when the company reported her as needing a size 28?She blew her stack and has refused to wear their uniform, on principle.




To be honest I do not blame her.Psychologically what message does this send to her when she is trying to lose weight? My daughter can be very stubborn, so I cannot see this ending any time soon.






And why on earth would there be so much difference.I know that different countries have different ways and measurements, even allowing for that, this appears to be over the top.




Ordering clothes online










Gone are the days when you can order clothes online and know without a doubt that it will fit because you are ordering the garment in your size.




If you have bought the same brand before then you could be lucky. If buying an unknown brand then the risk of having the garment actually fitting you could be another story.




Why do sizes vary?Surely they could make standard sized garments all over the world.Yes, humans are not all built to an exact size therefore they could make extra sizes much the same way as they size bras. At least we would all know exactly what to order.Then if we put on a few pounds we could still adjust to the next size.




I have personally gone into a clothing shop and tried on a pair of bikinis. Then found the top is a completely different size to the pants.Yes someone must have had bigger boobs than me. (It wouldn't be too hard to do that.)







Human weights or scales











How many times have you paid to have yourself weighed in the shopping centers and then on your visit to the doctor he informs you that you have put on five kilo's.Well maybe not that much, but why do the scales vary.Who and what manufacturer's scales are you being weighed on and which one is right.Maybe you lost 5 kilo's instead and the doctor is wrong.






Kitchen Measurements also vary










I am continually bamboozled by the difference in weight, liquid and powdered measuring supplies.Very seldom can you find two different cup containers that measure out the same amount for a cup.The same goes for teaspoon, dessertspoon and tablespoon measurements.They all differ, some more so than others.



It makes me wonder how anyone is successful in cooking a cake.Let's face it, if the recipe says one cup which measurement article can you believe.Weight scales are no help either, no matter whether you choose to use digital or not, they all vary.




Why can't manufacturers put their heads together and make a standard product and work from that.It would certainly be less confusing.





Woolworths Caught out










That's right Woolworths was caught undercutting the weights on a variety of products sold this week.I suppose they could have said my scales must have been out.Yeah, well that's another story.The shoppers are always the one to be cheated in the end.




I always check my dockets when I leave the supermarkets, but who would actually spend time checking the weights?Even the sizes of our tinned foods have got smaller, although the price still goes up.Sorry I am getting off the main topic, but I could not help adding that little snippet.














How many times have you bought a packet of cereal?When you open the packet it is half full.Why do they waste our precious trees making packaging so much bigger than required.This does not apply to only cereal it is nearly everything manufactured and packed in a box.




Where the powers to be that oversee and regulate this type of production. How many people are being ripped off when buying any products?A kilo is a kilo, but that will depend on whose weighing the product and which scales they are using.