Most women will run into a beauty issue every now and then, but they won't always have a product at their disposal to fix the beauty issue! Well, I have gathered a few beauty fixes that I have learned about over the years that have worked wonders for myself as well as my female family and friend.

1. Flyaways- I always keep dryer static sheets in a little baggie in my purse, especially in winter because my thin fine hair likes to attract static like crazy in dry OR wet weather. However, dryer sheets take the fuzz out of hair if you lightly run your hair wrapped in the sheet, works everytime for me!

2. Face-brightening scrub- For a cost effective way to get a close effect of microderm abrasion, mix water and baking soda for a not to thick or thin paste for the face. This paste can also include sugar or lemon juice for extra benefits as well.

3. Antioxidant packed moisturizer- You can find this one in your kitchen pantry, and it's used for cooking! Coconut oil has all kinds of free-radical fighting antioxidants packed into it naturally, so just warm it up with your hands and massage away!

4. Quick pouty lips- This may seem weird to some out there, but if you place just a HINT of black matte shadow to the center of the bottom lip, it gives a very nice pouty full look. Adding some clear shadow over the entire lips enhances the overall look as well.

5. Get the wide-eyed look- If you are a matching type of person, this look may be a little too much for you, but if you are daring enough- try two different colors of mascara on your lashes! Particularly blue mascara on the bottom lashes, and normal black on the top lashes. The color contrast makes eyes appear more open, as well as making the whites of the eyes look whiter.

6. Curly Lashes- And this is without the standard eye lash curler, because those contraptions really scare me. I use curling action mascara, and then take my blow dryer (on the cool setting!), and point it upwards at my lashes as they dry to keep them curled upwards!

7. Naturally rosy, soft lips- This is my favorite trick for soft rosy lips in winter, I simply take my spare toothbrush, wet it and put brown sugar on it (white will work too), and brush my lips with it! It scrubs the dry flakes off, circulates blood for the rosy pink color, and makes your lips taste good for a while as well!

8. Self- Tinted lashes- If you skip mascara sometimes, but still want the look of dark lashes- grab a non- toxic sharpie marker and brush the tip against the very ends of your lashes where they tend to be lightest. This gives you temporary color that won't come off on your skin, and gives you the dark lash look- plus, this is in most office desks!

9. Split ends- this isn't a permanent fix, but if you want to cover your split ends for a day, simply take some vaseline to just the ends of the hair in a very small amount to keep those frizzies tamed. Just don't put vaseline on your scalp or you risk looking greasy!

10. Dark circles- My most favorite tip of all is this one, because I get these quite often with my busy schedule. To cure my dark circles I cut thin slices of (fresh) potatoes and place them under my eye. Potatoes have enzymes that can brighten the skin gradually, so whenever you cook potatoes for dinner, leave a few slices for your eyes after dinner is over!