Skin disease is an impairment of health or a condition that affects the normal functioning of the skin. Skin diseases are categorized differently that is rashes, shingles, boils, acne and many others. Skin rash is generally the irritation of the skin. A rash can also be defined as a change that affects the skin or even a sign of a chronic skin problem such as acne. In adults they are caused by contact with a substance that irritates the skin. It starts within forty-eight hours after contacting the irritable substance. There are ways that one can use to detect that he has contacted an irritating substance first of all it may cause mild redness, swelling, large blisters or even small red bumps. They can cause itchiness also.

Substances that cause the irritation include poisonous plants, soaps and other detergents, jewelry or fabrics, insects and new tools or toys. During such a time one is supposed to seek treatment. But keep in mind that some medicines can cause side effects to the body. Therefore you need to get the treatment depending on the symptoms caused by the rash itself.

Boils are caused by an infection of the hair follicle. It is normally caused by bacteria. Boils are so painful once they affect the skin they make it to be itchy and even swelling at the infected area. Its treatment includes the appliance of creams that is prescribed to you by a health physician

Acne mostly affects the middle aged people especially the adolescents. It makes them feel disturbed and wonder why they are involved in such a situation. But they do not have to worry very much about this since there are better ways to treat it. Acne is caused certain bacteria, blockage of pores, some hormones which are related to menstruation or even stress. Diet that is improper can also lead to acne.

In order for you to do away with this problem or how to treat it you are can use a gentle cleanser. This helps in the moisturizing of the skin and opening of the pores. You can also use a cream that heals. Pimples are spots caused by excess oil that are trapped in the pores. Pimples can also be related to acne since they have the same treatment.

There are various ways for one to avoid all this skin diseases .That is by taking a balanced diet ,making sure  that you do the cleaning of your skin at least two times per day (in the morning and evening),drinking allot of water(at least eight glasses in a day)once you do all these be ready for the best results ever .