Houses built on wood give its inhabitants less reason to worry about corrosion and applying a protective coating like a concrete sealer. If the house is built on stone, this does not give homeowners an excuse to be negligent in terms of home maintenance either.

Concrete is a porous construction material. Water and other forms of liquid can freely exit and enter through its small holes. Many people have been underestimating the health benefits of water for years, though one should not under estimate waters power to eat away your walls and floors!

If you have not yet done so, you should apply concrete sealer to protect your structure from corrosion. Simply because your house is made of stone does not mean you are safe from corrosion. Concrete sealer is a type of compound that is applied on concrete floors to secure it against structural crisis. If it stands unguarded, it could not only lose its strength but also its aesthetic value.

There are several types of concrete sealers, which you can choose from such as the following:

Penetrating concrete sealer – This type goes from the substrate down to the concrete’s core offering maximum defense against water damage. It usually lasts for up to five to ten years. Some high-end brands though can last for up to 20 years but these are costly. This is best used on natural stones, clay brick, aggregate expose, and cinder blocks.

Topical sealer – Contrary to penetrating sealer, topical only works on the outside and usually last up to two years only. Normally, it is used for enhancing the colors and aesthetic value of the concrete while offering minimal and temporary protection.

Urethane sealer (epoxy) – Just like topical, this only works on the outside but offers maximum protection on the surface. This is an expensive type of sealer commonly used in business establishments for aesthetic purposes, although it does not offer much enhancement on the color of a decorative concrete. Once sprayed, it gives a glossy finish.

Not all types of sealers work equally. The quality of the concrete sealers depends on the brand and off course price. High-end ones can be very expensive but worth the price. Homeowners are advised to apply sealer after making an assessment as to what they first require from their concrete coating and second what areas to apply it on. It would be nice to increase the market value of ones home while keeping cracks and water related damages at bay through concrete sealing.