Best Options for Selling Unwated Items

I found myself moving out of my parents house-where I had little-to moving into a fairly large apartment and all kinds of furniture and appliances that I had to purchase to fill it. Then I moved into a small-but amazingly cheap and nice looking- apartment with my fiance. He had a bed big enough for the both of us so we used that, I had a couch so we used that! The kitchen appliances were provided, and both of us had computers and televisions. We just moved in the basics at first- that is really all we could fit in this house really so anything else that I wanted from my things, or duplicate items had to be rid of.

This is where selling our unused and duplicate items online! I have tried several sites and even tried craigslist because it was free-but never returned any buyers... only scam and random e-mails from people who didn't even want my items!!

I had used eBay's platform several times before, and I had never had a problem with them (they introduced me to a easier world of Paypal!), so I started listing anything that I no longer wanted/needed on my eBay account. I always sold my items at a fair price-most of the time pretty cheap just to get rid of it, and I have a 100% score because eBay's platform makes it so easy to work with buyers and communicate important information. The items I have sold range from clothing to jewelry to car audio, and I have never had a problem with effectively describing each item with the options that are offered.

So if you go through your closet every so often like I do, and realize that there are items that you hardly-if ever wear- eBay provides a vast buyer base with minimal fees compared to the success and ease of selling it.

At this point, I have sold enough items to qualify for shipping deals and other specials as well-not to mention the deals and coupons they offer their sellers that you can use to save money on things that you need to buy at a good discount depending on the item and seller!

NOW if you make stuff by hand that is unique and possibly a sellable commodity- is a great platform for crafts, arts, and supplies. The catch-everything you sell has to be hand made or consist of supplies to make stuff. If you have a real knack for creating beautiful jewelry, you have a great oppourtunity to build your own store (for free), customize your store rules and regulations as well as shipping and costs. Etsy does charge a fee to list like eBay, but it is a nominal fee compared to the money you could potentially make.

The only thing that I recommend a seller to really incorporate is the cost of shipping an item-unless you are willing to foot the bill, it needs to be worked into the pricing of an item accordingly so you don't end up losing money. And with Etsy, don't forget to include the hard work and time you put into your creations on top of item price and shipping!

Always evaluate different shipping methods like UPS, FedEx, and USPS for the best possible-and quickest- shipping method possible!

As I mentioned before, I have tried craigslist to no avail, no real inquiries outside of people asking me to try THEIR products. Boo Hiss. Maybe someone can explain their success stories with that website, because as far as I am concerned its free listing advantage is about the only positive about the site in terms of selling something.

If you prefer to avoid the internet promotion route, or are weary of online transactions of money, your local newspaper is a great way to advertise in the classifieds. Depending on the size of the newspaper, the days you are listing, and how long your listing is-the costs are decent compared to the local reader base that your listing will reach. I do not think that your local classifieds are the place to sell small single items (unless they are popular), but they are great for selling furniture or other larger items that you wouldn't want to ship or deliver. For example, since me and my fiance had two beds, I put my hardly used bed and boxspring for sale in the local classifieds for four days, within the first day I had it sold, picked up, and cash in my hand-and about 40 other people call for the next four days, I guess I sold it too cheap!!

If Selling Isn't Your Thing...

I have also found ways to earn extra income in my spare (VERY spare time). If you have a knack for explaining how to do something then eHow is a great site for you! The setup is only How-to articles, videos, and audios, with infomration on how to do just about anything you can imagine to ask!! You can also sign up for the writers compensation program to earn money off of each article monthly. Once you reach 10 dollars you can officially get a pay out every month after that. However, if an article does not meet guidelines, it can and most likely will be flagged and deleted-which after numerous offenses can lead to a termination of one's account. BUT if you adhere to the rules and produce good quality instructions on anything you can think of, then you could be one of the major success stories of eHow. I have been a memeber for a little over a year, and I make enough every month (which usually grows from one month to the next), to splurge on things that I have been wanting-but not wanting to spend my hard earned work dollars on!!

Another great site is associated content, you get steady income from page views, but if you give rights of your content to AC they give upfront payments after review of your article. You can also write just about anything about any topic, within the sites rules of course-so its a bit more free-form writing setup than eHow. I have not found as much success with this site-but still significant-I can see how a devoted writer could make very nice residual income with this site!

Lastly, one a site that I just found recently-and I already LOVE- Redgage. At this site you create a profile in which you post blogs, links, pictures, documents, among other things-of whatever you want! You can link your personal website or link to articles that you have written, post pictures (that you have rights to), post links to interesting websites, blog or link a blog-even link your facebook, wordpress, twitter, or youtube! For each unique view of any of your content pages-you get a cut of the income! Another added bonus-they have daily, weekly,and monthly contests-I won 50 bucks in a daily drawing! I highly reccomend linking your ebay items for sale, articles written, and anthing else you do on the web to promote all of the interesting things you do, have, and see!

P.S. their are numerous sites out there that could earn you money without you spending a dime, I don't know them all, but anyone is welcome to post any interesting money-generating gigs!!