There are real vasectomy reversal alternatives that can lead to a happy family life. For a man, a vasectomy is an extremely serious and life-changing decision. For those wishing to reverse a vasectomy without more surgery, vasectomy reversal alternatives are well worth exploring. Each individual is unique and the various methods for restoring fertility may be right for some, but not others. It is important to have a frank discussion with your doctor and partner regarding the vasectomy reversal alternatives available.

Sperm Banks Are a Great Vasectomy Reversal Alternative

Men should consider the idea of banking sperm for future use. This is one of the best, cheapest and safest methods available. Before a vasectomy is performed, sperm is set aside and will be available for future fertilization should the need arise. Vasectomies are such an important decision that most men feel confident that they will not want children in the future and most fail to take advantage of this pre-surgery option. Once the surgery goes through, building your own sperm bank is no longer an option. The amount of sperm needed for banking is minimal and will be enough to last a lifetime.

Sperm Aspiration As a Vasectomy Reversal Alternative

Sperm Aspiration

If the goal is to have a single child, many men may wish to consider the two types of sperm aspiration. Rather than choosing one of the popular vasectomy reversal options like a reconnection of the vas deferens or an epididymis bypass, the aspiration method uses a fine needle to acquire sperm from either the epididymis or from testicular tissue. This sperm is then used to produce a fertilized egg through either in vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection. The success rate for either IVF or ICSI is around 30%.This is a great way to have a child without risking further pregnancy concerns.

Using Donor Sperm As a Vasectomy Reversal Alternative

If either of the above options does not seem suitable, it is worth considering a sperm donor. The female will be impregnated usually by IVF from carefully screened donor sperm. Many men who have had a vasectomy because of the possibility they carry serious genetic disorder dominant genes may wish to explore using donor sperm. This method obviously causes no pain for the man and his infertility is maintained. This is also an option where the man has reached an age when sperm can degrade and cause birth defects with a higher rate of probability. Donor sperm is carefully screened and is safe for pregnancy.

Adoption As a Vasectomy Reversal Alternative

This is another great way for a couple to experience the joys of parenting. Given that most methods to restore fertility in men are not absolutely likely to succeed in causing a pregnancy, adoption is truly one of the most fail-safe vasectomy reversal alternatives.The number of children needing homes in the world is staggering. The population is high and this is a great way to share your love and home without adding to the population crisis.

For men, the most important thing has always been to carefully consider the future repercussions of the fertility choices made early in life. If men think there is even a shadow of a doubt of wanting a child in the future, a proper sperm bank can make other vasectomy reversal alternatives moot. No matter what choices are made, always consider the health of both parties and the health of the potential baby first. There are many considerations in a reversing vasectomy and sometimes it is dangerous or impossible. There are many ways to conceive. Ask questions and speak to others that have been through these procedures before settling on one.

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