Have you ever wished you had a full size keyboard with your iPhone? Typing on your iPhone becomes tedious particularly if you have to type in a large amount of information. By using VNC and Veency software, you can put your iPhone screen directly on your personal computer to enter information using your iPhone keyboard and mouse buttons.

Before you can start using your iPhone on your computer, you need to jailbreak the iPhone. Veency is a jailbreak app developed by Jay “Saurik” Freeman (the Cydia store creator.) You need access to the Cydia store in order to download Veency to your computer. Got Cydia? Open it up and perform an app search for the software program “Veency.” Download it to your iPhone. Open up your Settings menu and enable Veency.

So, now I’m ready, right? Not quite. Your iPhone is ready. Now, you need a VNC software on your personal computer to connect to your iPhone. There are several free VNC software programs that you can use such as RealVNC, UltaVNC and TightVNC. Find the one that is right for you and install it on your computer.

Start the VNC software on your personal computer. Type the iPhone’s IP address into the designated text box. Don’t know it? Open your Settings menu on your iPhone. Tap on the Wi-Fi option. Click the little blue arrow next to your wi-fi connection. You can locate your IP address on this screen. Click the button to connect VNC to Veency.

You are going to have to confirm the connection on your iPhone when the dialog box appears. You now have your iPhone on your personal computer screen.


Using the Settings menu, assign a password to the Veency software. By doing this, you can bypass the approval step to establish your connection to your iPhone. You will be prompted to enter a password when you connect on your computer.

If you plan on using Veency a lot, you may want to upgrade to a non-freeware version of the VNC software. The free VNC software don’t support landscape orientation. You can get a trial use of VNC software to try before purchasing.

Veency runs in the background of your iPhone. This drains your battery life. Consider installing the SBSettings Veency toggle. This puts a toggle in your SBSettings application to quickly turn your application on/off.