If you are a vegan and you have been searching for a vegan yogurt this is the right place for you. If you have truly loved yogurt (before you moved to veganism), just want to find out how does it taste, or want to reap some of the health benefits of yogurt don't worry – there is a solution to your problem.

Vegan YogurtCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vegan-baking/

Because vegans don't eat dairies a regular yogurt (by regular I mean made of cow's or any other mammal's milk) isn't an option for you. Fortunately enough there is another option – yogurt made from non dairy products. There is a number of choices available so everyone should find something that meets one's needs. For those who are looking for a vegan yogurt because of its health benefits I've got one important reminder – read the labels. For example if you want to incorporate yogurt to your diet to increase your calcium intake ensure yourself that your product contains this precious nutritious element. You should look for a yogurt that contains active cultures – you will find this information on the label easily.


Now, since we have got all basic information covered, we can proceed to the different vegan yogurt types and some examples of manufacturers:

  • Coconut milk yogurt

  • Almond milk yogurt

Both of these yogurts types have similar characteristics. Both have a little of their well known nuts (coconuts or almonds) flavor which many people find pleasant. Because of that flavor you have to be careful while choosing other dishes in the meal – flavors might not mesh. The down side is that both these yogurt kinds contain a low amount of proteins (though almond has over 2 times more than coconut yogurt).


- Amande yogurt[803] (almond yogurt)

- Turtle Mountain[804] (So Delicious products) (coconut yogurt)

  • Soy yogurt

This kind of yogurt is the most similar to dairy yogurts taking into account both nutrition values and texture. Unfortunately we all know that there is a lot of controversy around soy. Despite that soy yogurt is the most common kind of vegan yogurt. Some people choose to prepare it on their own using soy milk because the process is similar to diary-based yogurt production.


- Alpro soya[805]

- Silk[806]

  • Rice yogurt

Rice yogurt is made from the rice milk and contains the same active cultures as soy and dairy yogurt. Unfortunately, if you have been looking for a good protein source, rice yogurt won't meet your needs. It provides about a half of the protein amount contained in dairy-based yogurt (and I mean a regular yogurt, not a Greek yogurt which contains even more proteins).


- Ricera foods[807]

  • Arrowroot yogurt

    Vegan Yogurt(73035)Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kendrak/

This kind of product isn't a real yogurt (e.g. there is no (whatever kind of) milk in the manufacturing process). It's a kind of yogurt alternative. It's made from arrowroot fruit puree with probiotics (one of the most important nutrients in yogurt!) included. Because of that it will taste more like a fruit (therefore it's called a fruit snack). There is another thing you should consider - arrowroot doesn't contain any proteins so this kind of product isn't one of the protein sources for vegans.


- Nogurt[808]


As you can see there are plenty of possibilities to consume vegan yogurt. Some of them are a better fit if you are looking for nutrition values and health benefits, others will provide you with their great taste. Choose whichever meets your needs!