"Sin City" Has A Romantic Side

Vegas is known for gambling, showgirls and topless reviews. But the city known as Sin City actually has a softer side. Honeymooners or just couples in love can find a spot or two of romance amid the kitschy and downright tawdry sights of the Strip. Here are a few suggestions.

Venice Vegas GondolieerCredit: Tracy S. MorrisThe Gondola Rides, The Venetian
The exterior of the Venetian Hotel looks like St. Marks Square in Venice. There are even copies of the pillar of St. Mark,  the pillar of the Lion of Venice and the Rialto Bridge. Gondola riders sing operatic and Italian love songs softly to their riders. When the gondolas pass under the bridges, the songs echo along the vaulted interiors. For a little more privacy, spend a few extra dollars for a private gondola ride. Otherwise you may be sharing your romantic gondola with another couple. A second gondola ride is available in the second floor of the shopping center. This one is not open to the sky. Instead visitors feel as if they are drifting down side canals in Venice. The indoor gondola ride has more ambient noise of shoppers, while the outdoor ride has more of the sounds of the street.

The Eiffel Tower
ParisLasVegasCredit: Tracy S. MorrisThe French built the original Eiffel Tower in Paris for the 1889 World’s fair in Paris. It served as an entrance archway to the fair and  to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the French Revolution. Originally the French painted it bright red. Since then it has been painted orange and even yellow. Since 1968 it was panted brown. The tower's overseers determined at that time that brown best accentuated the Paris skyline. The tower is painted every 7 years by hand using small circular brushes and 66 tons of paint. In the time between new coats, 55 tons of paint erode from the iron frame.

Your tour guide may repeat these or other trivia about the Eiffel tower during your 90-minute trip to the top of the Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower.

The Elevators of the Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower are wedge-shaped so that 4 of them can fit into the central, square column of the tower. Each elevator has large round portholes through which you can seBellagio FountainCredit: Tracy S.Morrise the girders and structures of this half-scale, faithful replica. A trip during the daytime provides an impressive panoramic view of the Strip. At night, the view is even more impressive when the Strip lights up with neon and flashing lights. Both trips may be made by paying a small fee, either at the front desk in the hotel lobby, or to the server in the Eiffel Tower Restaurant. The trip during the day is less than the nighttime excursion.

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant, Paris Las Vegas
The Eiffel Tower Restaurant is located in the half-sized Eiffel Tower in the Paris Las Vegas hotel. The restaurant overlooks the Bellagio fountain and gives diners a birds-eye view of the fountain show. The fare is French in keeping with the Parisian theme. For a good value, visit the restaurant for lunch, when the menu is lighter and the prices are lower.