When you are expecting for dinner a vegetarian guest, you might be a little troubled as to his or her meal and concerned about how to cook for them. A few troubling questions rise, such as what are you going to cook for him? What kind a vegetarian is he? He comes for dinner out of invitation or he's just coming with some friends for a simple snack and it only then you discover he is a vegetarian, or even worse, a vegan.

The simplest way out of this vegetarian trouble maze is just ask the person what kind of a vegetarian is he. From my life experience dealing with people who are a vegetarian I can assure you this simple question from the host solves a lot of useless problems and that it will always be enough food for your special, vegetarian guest.

Of course it may happen that by asking this question you might get a larger answer than you expected because you guest might have some special expectations from the food you are serving him, but this is just rare. Please remember that the only reason we gather up is not to eat, but rather to socialize; food is secondary. And then, not all vegetarians are as pretentious as your guest might be, so don't hold it against all vegetarians.

So, you have asked the question, what do we vegetarians eat? Well, for a lacto-ovo-vegetarian (that is a person who doesn't eat any kind of meat, but does consume cheese, eggs, milk), omelets or a pizza with these ingredients works just fine.

Some people who consider themselves vegetarians might tell you they don't eat meat except for fish and chicken; these are not really vegetarians, but it's not the case to argue with them and thus anything containing these ingredients will do for them.

If you really want to take the trouble and prepare something 100% vegetarian, just as your guest what kind of food does he prefer and then search online for an easy to make recipe for him; your effort and attention will definitely be much appreciated.

Everything said above resume to the case you get to meet you vegetarian guest; but what if you don't? The solution to this situation is very simple. First of all remember no one forces you to do anything; second, if you want to prepare something for him, then go for a vegan dish, with no meat of any kind, no cheese, milk or eggs. You cannot be wrong about it. You can use seasoned vegetables, fruit combinations, nuts, seeds, beans combined in a pleasant way.

Finally, try to focus more on the personality of your guest and live those pleasant moments together and let food be just an accessory. Becoming a Vegetarian is a personal choice that should be respected in the same way we generally respect a persons right to choose a religion. If a vegetarian guest comes uninvited we can do our best to make him or her a meal, but we may not be able to accommodate them.