As a vegetarian, not once have I come against different misconceptions about what I eat from people who were not vegetarians. Then I realized that there are some myths about vegetarians which are not true. My attempt here is to briefly present you the truth about vegetarians.

The best starting point would be to give an explicit definition of what a vegetarian is. From the beginning, you should know that there are several types of vegetarians, but no matter the type you practice, the common point of the vegetarian diet is the total exclusion of meat from the alimentation.

Generally, when dealing with a vegetarian, non-vegetarian people think that he or she doesn't eat cow meat or red meat. But the truth is vegetarians have excluded from their daily diet all kinds of meat, including fish and poultry. Don't be surprised if the vegetarian you have invited for dinner will avoid the fish your cooked especially for him.

Because vegetarians eat no meat, the general misconception is that they don't get enough protein and consequently their body lacks this essential piece in their alimentation. But this is far from being the truth. The error here is that most people think that you can get the proteins your body needs only if you eat meat.

But the truth is they get enough protein from other food and unlike their fellows omnivorous they never run the risk over getting more protein their body really needs, as most of the time happens with omnivorous. Thus, vegetarians are healthier than them.

The question left is where do vegetarians take their proteins from? They get them from dark leafy vegetables or from soy products such as soy burgers, soy milk, tofu or from wheat gluten (also known as seitan) which is very rich in proteins and often used as a replacement of meat.

People become vegetarians for different reasons, like spiritual beliefs or even political convictions. Others refuse to eat meat because they totally disagree to killing animals in order to eat their flesh. However, most people choose a vegetarian diet for health reasons. Many don't like how meat looks or tastes when cooked. But by being vegetarian, they reduce their carbon level in their body.

Many people associate the idea of a vegetarian to the image of some sort of a vegetarianism missionary person who is desperately trying to convince you and as many people they can to adopt the same way of life. But these fanatics of vegetarianism are not so many and the truth is we, as vegetarians, cannot force anyone to give up meat consumption. In fact, we don't care what you eat at all, since everyone is free to do what he/she considers best for them.

Another myth about vegetarians is that they are all skinny. But this is not the case for everyone. Some athletes as Bille Jean King (tennis player) or Andreas Cahling (bodybuilder) are among vegetarians, but so is Pamela Anderson in case you didn't know, and they are not skinny at all, but rather full-figured. Don't make the mistake of including Hitler among vegetarians, because he never gave up meat. And with him I think I have shattered some of the myths about vegetarians.