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Inexpensive Advertising Ideas

Most business owners understand to stay in business and increase business advertising is a must. Any business that opens its doors will not get any business if they don't get the word out about who they are and what they do.  Using advertising methods to get a business name in front of potential customers can be challenging but without proper advertising the business does not stand a chance of real success.

There are so many affordable clever advertising ideas for businesses to use to help attract new customers as well as keep repeat customers. Using affordable inexpensive advertising can attract the new customers while reminding previous customers the business is still in business. A business never wants their logo out of sight or out of mind.

Here's a very clever affordable idea for a business to stay in sight all the time. Using car wraps promoting a business name or logo is an inexpensive way to advertise. Business owners can wrap a section of their car, van, truck or they can cover the entire vehicle. It's a matter of choice. When the business owner or business employees drive around town, having an ad on the vehicle being driving, is a sure way to get a businesses name in front of thousands of people everyday. This idea is clever, smart and saves a huge amount of money in the long run.

Van Advertising Wraps

Truck WrapsVan Wrapping

Another smart way to advertise is wrapping your boat if you own one. Think about it. Your out boating all day whether it be to enjoy the seas, tanning or fishing and wrapping a boat with your business name is another very smart way to attract future business.

Boat Wraps

Another form of affordable advertising is place flags on top of your store front. It works. People driving by or people who are blocks away from your store front will notice the flags standing tall. It's an inexpensive idea that helps catch the consumers eye.  Flags attract attention.  I notice flags on to of store fronts every single day.

Advertising Flags

Here is another eye catching inexpensive advertising idea to attract people who are driving or walking by your store front. Using A-frames. A-frames can be placed where ever you want and A-frames also come in chalk board so you can change the ad using different bright color chalk. You could also get an A-frame that is an erasable board and use bright color markers. You buy A-frames once and use them over and over.


One more idea to think about if you're searching for affordable advertising ideas. Purchasing PVC posts and panels. PVC posts prevent cracking and splitting and last a lot longer than wood. You get your moneys worth because PVC signs last a real long time.

PVC Panels and Posts

Businesses need to save money just like consumers need to save money. Affordable clever advertising at it's best.