Car KeyHow does Vehicle Donation Help Your Favorite Charities?

Have a car, truck, motorcycle or other automobile that you no longer need and want to use it to help make a difference for a good cause? Donate to charity. By donating your vehicle to charity you can be providing a needy person or family with an auto that they would otherwise not be able to afford, you could also be allowing that vehicle to be sold or auctioned to help support a cause that is close to your heart; poverty, cancer, child abuse, women's rights, MS, heart disease and so many others. There are many possibilities for how a vehicle donation can be used but the bottom line is it would be going to help someone in need - whether through direct help, research, promotion, medication or some other important action.

Choosing the right Charity for your Vehicle Donation

When you donate to charity often the charity you choose is going to be something that has affected or touched you or someone you love or is just a subject that affects you on some other emotional level. This may be due to illness or disease such as breast cancer or lung cancer, subjects you are passionate about such as homeless shelters, needy children, missing persons, animal abuse, education, public television or any other number of causes that tug at your heart strings or morals.

Help Poverty

Before you just randomly select a charity that appeals to you be sure to do your homework. Look into the charity and find out what they are really about and how they help the cause that you are wanting to support. Luckily there are a lot of big name organizations out there that get a lot of limelight for the causes they support which helps eliminate some of the research but for ones that don't get the same attention here are some resources to help check out a charity of your choice.

  • - off to the left hand side of the page in the side bar you have the option to search for charities.
  • Ask to see their application for exemption, determination letter and 990 forms. These should all be made available to you within reason (some fees may be involved for mailing etc) and can help you to determine that they are indeed a legit and recognized organization.
  • may also be able to help you to identify causes that meet the requirements to seek donations and provide you with what the compliance details entail.
  • can be visited to evaluate the charitable groups that you are considering. This will provide you with standards and reviews that have been submitted regarding charities.

How to Do an Auto Donation to Charity

Auto donation can be handled many a number of ways which can include direct donations to the charitable organization or through a sponsored or selected service such as CARS (Charitable Auto Resources Inc.).

Your best option is to check with the charity of your choice regarding what process they utilize for people interested in donating a car or truck.

Do you Qualify for a Tax Deduction for your Vehicle Donation?

If you are interested in a deduction when you donate to charity - then the organization will have to be recognized by the IRS as an actual charity. Most of the qualifying organizations will be listed as a 501 (c) 3 non (or not for) profit organization. This can be confirmed through the IRS via their website or telephone.

Your deduction amount if applicable will generally be based on the gross proceeds that are made by the sale of the vehicle by the charitable org. that you donated to. You can check out the IRS website for exceptions and details of what and how to qualify for deductions when you donate to charities.