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If you own a car, having vehicle warranty coverage is a great option. However, it is not a great option if you select vehicle warranty extension offers in mail form because they are generally scams.

For anyone who owns a car, having Vehicle warranty extension offers in mail envelopes waiting for you can provide a great offer. However, you should remain cautious of vehicle warranty extension offers in mail because many are considered fraudulent and scams. Mail fraud is one of the oldest methods of fraud in the book. It is a classic manner in which people can profit from innocent victims. In this case, you might receive vehicle warranty extension offers in mail envelopes that look legitimate. The notification will state that you have an auto warranty which will expire very soon.

Different Options

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In order to help yourself you must purchase an extended warranty plan. The options for the extended warranty plans are generally attached to the vehicle warranty extension offers in mail envelopes and people who therefore send them checks or credit card information or money orders, under the impression that they need to maintain a vehicle warranty plan. Unfortunately, these companies are mostly scams. The Consumer Fraud Task Force was formed through the Better Business Bureau as well as government law enforcers and their job has been to step in and stop vehicle warranty extension offers in mail envelops, as well as other mail fraud which is found around the country.

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Victims have testified that the brochure they receive in the mail appears to be completely legitimate. It appears to have been sent directly by the car maker, which makes it even more believable. Victims of this extended vehicle warranty offer will read over the brochure and are quickly convinced. What the victims of this extended vehicle warranty offer do not realize is that the mailer was sent to them not by their car maker but rather, by an independent company which claims to have an extended vehicle warranty offer. The consumers realize after purchasing this fraudulent offer that their vehicle warranties was not about to expire and the company would not offer a refund.

Spotting Frauds

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Other victims of this mail fraud have stated that their envelope claimed it was informing them of the warranty coverage of their vehicle. It told them to contact their dealer or their manufacturer for additional information and to request from them the expiration terms of the warranty. In fact, normal warranties are issued for a particular mileage or for segments of two to six years. Another manner in which people fall victim to vehicle warranty extension offers in mail is a sales attempt or a solicitation attempt which is disguised as a bill from a car manufacturer or a car dealer. The United States Postal Service has issued a warning that there are misleading documents in this form sent to many households which are legally required to state a disclaimer in at least thirty point type informing people that it “is not a bill and you are under no obligation to pay the amount stated unless you accept the offer.” However, these do not do that. You can file complaints with many organizations if you have fallen victim to these fraudulent activities. These companies include Fraud.org, the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Sentinel, and the United States Postal Service mail fraud complaint department.

Extended Vehicle Warranty Advantages

In reality, the use of an extended vehicle warranty is a great investment, particularly if you plan on maintaining the same car beyond the factory warranty. Reputable companies are out there offering extended vehicle warranties, but sadly, for every reputable company, there is fraudulent one offer solicitations which are misleading alongside pressure sales tactics. After people have spent the money on these vehicle warranties, they find out that their warranties are useless and fake but have no recourse.

Vehicle service contracts are outlined in the principles of the U.S. Fidelis. This was one the largest retailer in the country for vehicle service contracts until they were indicted for twenty seven different charges of fraud. They represent the same issue that many people find today in terms of assuming they are purchasing warranties for their vehicles which are sanctioned by their car manufacturers when in reality they are getting no such thing. If you have received vehicle warranty extension offers in mail brochures, verify with your dealer or your car manufacturer as to the warranty you have to ensure that you do not get duplicate warranty coverage.

Determine if Offer is Legitimate

The best way to determine whether or not the offer you are receiving is legitimate there are a few questions which can be asked when looking over the offer. The first question is whether or not the cost of the contract exceeds the value of the vehicle. If that is the case, money should be put into an emergency savings account instead. The next question you should ask is whether or not the warranty is offered by the car manufacturer or by a third party. The dealer offers extended car warranties so be sure that you understand what you have and what you might need. After this you should review the contact and carefully examine the clauses which are concerned with the maintenance of your vehicle. After this you should review how the maintenance claims for your vehicle will be handled. This means first determining if your warranty has any restrictions such as specific locations or facilities for repairs. You should also verify whether or not there are stipulations regarding repairs. Sometimes repairs require that you wait for authorization, and other times repairs can be made and paid for up front after which you can submit paperwork for a reimbursement. You should also check to see if your coverage is total or bumper to bumper.

You should not feel pressured into making a decision about your vehicle warranty coverage. Legitimate companies will ensure that you are given the time that you need and that you receive answers to all of your questions. Your vehicle warranty should give you a heightened sense of protection, not fear. Therefore avoid vehicle warranty extension offers in mail form.


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 Vehicle warranties are great ways to ensure protection for your car however, there are many fake advertisements and companies selling covers. Be cautious of vehicle warrant extension offers in mail form.